What You Should Know About High Waisted Jeans

Nowadays, most people rarely shop for high waisted jeans. This is because low rise or medium rise cuts are the preferred style when it comes to jeans for women. Lately, most women who walk around are wearing these types of cuts.

Shop For High Waisted Skinny Jeans

If you are in the market for one, chances are, you might get overwhelmed with the staggering number of choices available. But you don’t need to succumb to confusion – there are always proper ways on buying jeans, especially those that are high waisted, in order to come up with a wise decision. The good news for you is that this article has gathered all the necessary tips that you should follow when selecting one. From the best sources down to the benefits, you’ll find them all by reading below.

Sexy High Waisted Jeans
Where to Find High Waist Jeans

Only two stores usually advertise high waisted skinny jeans. And these two are:

  • Kohl, which sells the Lee brand of these jeans, is one of these stores. These jeans have four pockets that are regular sized; two at the back, two in front, and the front also has a small sized pocket. These jeans are a boot cut version and the relaxed style. Gloria Vanderbilt is the other brand that this store sells. A petite version of these jeans is also available and they have a similar pocket design. However, the leg has a narrow fit and this is what distinguishes the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. 
  • Macy’s is the other store that usually carries high waisted jeans. Although this store carries cheap high waisted jeans, its styles are the same as the ones that Kohl carries. You can still find your preferred high waist jeans. Smaller and locally owned boutiques and shops also carry this type of jeans in addition to the low-rise style, which is very popular. 


All About High Waisted Flare Jeans

Wearing High Waist Jeans

You can find both the boot cut versions, which are relaxed in nature, and the narrow leg versions in either non-stretch or stretch. Stretch jeans offer ease of mobility and hence, they are more popular nowadays. All the various styles are available in the extremely popular beige or white colors and the dark to light color denim. Purple or red are the other colors that you will see sometimes when you are looking for high-rise jeans.

You should wear longer sweaters and tops when your wear high waisted flare jeans. These jeans usually go extremely low at the back and hence, women who bend down while wearing them can do so without being careful. The high waisted jeans are not only attractive in terms of aesthetics, but they also allow you to bend and move easily. You can also wear them with shorter sweaters and tops that have the ability of expanding your choices of style.


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How High Waisted Jeans Can Benefit You

These jeans offer numerous benefits. Yes, right now, the fashion trend is low waist jeans. However, even the ones that are well made have some faults. For example, they make the waist in their back to sit away from your back regardless of the size that you wear. You do not experience such a problem when you wear camo pants starting from your natural waistline.

According to some, these jeans are pants for mom. However, many people who have never been parents find high waist jeans very comfortable because they help in holding in a protruding stomach in order to hide it. If you are in imperfect shape, low waisted jeans are a reminder of all the seconds that you have love handles or some roll of fat. You can also keep yourself warm during winter by wearing natural waistline denims.