Show Off Your Signature Style With Jeans Jacket

Jeans jacket is considered to be a classic wardrobe staple. However, many people find it really difficult to make it work for them. If you want to include it in the wardrobe, you must consider some factors. Doing so will help you get the right one and eventually allows you to show your own style and fashion sense.

Casual Jeans Jacket for Men

Picking up a jacket

  • The color pick– when purchasing jeans jackets, go through the color options in hand. The blue jeans look is a classic one. However, black and other colored jeans are also quite in fashion. You can even choose from the neutral shades or the bold shades. These are both a matter of personal preference. Take a note that colored denim jackets are more popular options for women than men.
  • Choosing the wash– the washer selection is the next important factor when purchasing denim jackets. For classic blue jeans, the next concern is selecting the wash. More versatile option for blue jeans is a medium dark one. Dark washes are a better idea since it can be pulled on most attire. It gives a very smart appearance and suits all occasions. The lighter washes on the other hand look quite outdated. Another option is the medium wash. This type is suitable for those who do not prefer the lighter wash or the dark wash.
  • Lining or not– another consideration is to choose between the lining and no lining option. The no lining look is suitable for women as they give a slimmer look.


Denim Jeans Jacket For Women

Styling tips for women

Some people believe that the jeans on jeans look don’t go well. This idea is absolutely wrong. Moreover, jeans jacket can be worn with jeans pants as long as they are of a different shade.

For a white or any light shade jeans jacket for women, blue jeans work well. The opposite can also be done. Wearing light shaded jeans with a dark colored denim jacket looks good. It even complements the look of the person wearing it. A chambray shirt also looks good with this jacket if it of a different shade.

This jacket is among those types that can be worn with any bottoms. Be it skirts or trousers, they look equally well. For a casual look, this jacket can be worn with a graphic tee or a simple shirt. Pair it with a stud or a chunky neck piece.

Add a little flair to the outfit with peplum tops and heels. Complete the look with a little lip gloss. This is ideal for a weekend dinner with friends. You can also wear it with a non jeans bottom. The popular Camo pants and cargo pants can be worn with denim jackets especially in summer.

Buy New Jeans Jacket For Girls

Styling tips for men

For men, it is highly recommended to choose a medium washed jacket. Wear it with khakis, corduroy pants or cargo pants for a casual look. You can also wear the denim jacket with a neutral colored shirt and smart shoes. For a different look always include a layer below the jacket. Jeans jacket for men often works as a blazer. Keep the buttoned partially closed like you would do for a blazer. To bring a less western look wear a plaid shirt beneath the jacket and you are ready to go.

Popular Jeans Jacket For Men

Jeans jackets are a versatile outfit that in fact complements all other outfits. With one jacket a number of different looks can be created provided they are worn in the right manner. They are ideal for both men and women and are a perfect year round wear. Jeans jacket for girls offers them very stylish look and is suitable as a college wear.