Sassy Sexy Jeans

Sexy jeans have been popular since the early seventies and even up to the present, it continues to thrive in the fashion world. There are jeans for both men and women but more women are patronizing sexy pants compared to men. This is perhaps due to the double standard placed on women when it comes to clothing and fashion. With the advent of media advertising, sexy jeans have propagated all throughout the world making it mainstay clothing apparel in everyday life and a status symbol for youthfulness, sexiness and epitome of beauty and health.

Womens Sexy Jeans

Classifications of Sexy Jeans

There are many types of sexy jeans to choose from. Here are some of the most famous cut of jeans:

Flare or Bootcut Jeans

This type of jeans evens out the body. The jeans are made with skin fit on the thigh part but become wider on the calf area. This wider part is called the flare. It conceals thin or thick calf muscles. It also balances heavier hips and thighs. This kind of jeans has been popularized in the seventies making it look more retro than modern.

Where To Buy Sexy Skinny Jeans

High Waisted Jeans

This type of jeans conceals the “muffin top” body type. This suits long legged women and with long torsos. The darker the shade of the jeans the sexier it becomes. It can emphasize a tiny waist with a tucked in shirt.

Straightleg Jean

This is a more versatile type of jeans because of its roomier cut. The straightleg jeans are for people who are not comfortable in wearing skin tight jeans. To wear these jeans, pair it with platforms and high heels to elongate your legs.

Low Rise Jean

This type of jeans is best suited for short waisted women. These jeans are designed to even out the body of a petite person. One of the most famous low rise jeans is the sexy ripped jeans creating a more dramatic effect on the legs.

New Sexy Ripped Jeans

Skinny Jean

This is the most popular type of jeans that has stayed in the clothing fashion for years. These jeans are skin tight that highlights the legs making it appear longer and slimmer thus having the title of sexy skinny jeans. Darker shades of skinny jeans create an illusion effect of slimming of the body making it a blockbuster demand for women wanting to resolve their problem areas using sexy plus size jeans.

Because of women’s changing taste on jeans, there have been innovations on designs including camo pants for women. Camouflage jeans have been popularized mostly by hip hop dancers and have become a street fashion.

Trendy Sexy Plus Size Jeans

Thing to Consider When Buying A New Pair of Jeans

  • When buying jeans, the first thing you must consider is the kind of cut; bootleg, skinny, straight, low rise or high waisted.
  • It is also must that you should try it on to see the fit and contour on your body.
  • Another thing to consider is the price. Different brands have different prices for their jeans products.
  • Do your research on best places to shop for jeans. Wait out for sale and discount seasons.

Jeans have become part of the wardrobe of every person. There is always one pair of jeans for every closet. Along with the changing trends in fashion, jeans are also changing in line with the trends. From its original purpose of working pants in the early fifties, it has gradually become a fashion trend as sexy jeans over the years. There is a pair of jeans available for everyone in the malls and online shops. The different manufacturers have made prices affordable even to the ordinary worker.