Ripped Jeans – Are You Ready To Get One?

Jeans are a staple part of almost every individual’s wardrobe. Whether they are shorts, skirts, flared pants or skinny pants, you will find at least one pair of pants in every individual’s wardrobe. And with good reason, they are the easiest article of clothing to wear, don’t get dirty too fast, and can be worn numerous times without wearing out or getting destroyed. However, now even your older, more faded ripped jeans are still a viable wear and are in fact the hottest thing at present. Ripped jeans are the latest trend and acquiring a new pair can cost you anything from $25 to $129 depending on the brand and the gender.

Discover Ripped Jeans

What’s The Difference

Ripped jeans for men are generally more expensive, but they are also more durable and are made of tougher material. The price also varies depending on the design of the jeans with skinny and slim fit jeans being slightly more expensive. Ripped jeans for women come in a lot more designs and colors, but are usually made of a lighter material than their male counterparts. These jeans are very popular because they give the individual a rough feel and brings out the inner rock star in you. They can be paired with literally anything from a simple black tank top, to a large oversized t-shirt. On the right body, ripped skinny jean look astonishing.

Trendy Womens Ripped Jeans

Another kind of jeans that can be worn with a variety of tops is the Camo pants. Unlike the previous versions the new designs are slimmer and much sleeker, allowing you to wear them as a casual outfit or even when you are just going out with the girls. They are best worn with heeled booties, a plain or graphic t-shirt and a sharp blazer, but you can choose to pair them with a variety of other tops. Alternatively, you can pair your military looking pants with a pair of nice heels, a sweet feminine bow blouse, and a cute belt to add a bit of fun that will make you ready for date night.

DIY Ripped Jeans For Women

A DIY Project

When deciding on whether to buy or rip your own jeans, it is important to remember that making your own pair is an art that requires a lot of time and patience. DIY ripped jeans are easy to make at home with just a pair of scissors, sand paper, needle and thread.

  • The first thing to do is to choose a pair of pants that fits well, preferably a lighter color (especially for ladies), and one that you won’t mind too much if you mess up. If you are feeling too attached to all your current jeans, you can get a cheap pair from a goodwill store for a good price.
  • Mark the position of your knee on either side of the jeans, do this while you’re standing to avoid the jeans getting too saggy later.
  • Carefully cut a small hole through the jeans, taking care now to make it too large.
  • Rough up the hole and the surrounding area of the jean until the white threads begin to show.
  • Use a needle and thread to stitch up the inside of the hole to stop it from expanding too much. Once you are done, your ripped jeans are good to go.


Hottest and Sexy Ripped Jeans For Men

You can choose to bleach darker jeans on specific locations to ramp them up some more. Wear with a comfortable tank, t-shirt or top, and ballet shoes or a nice pair of heels.

Destroying your jeans is no surprise today. It a bold fashion statement that anyone can pull off. Strategic placement of the ripped out jeans are the key in making a great finish. If you don’t know, check out out several designs online.