How to Wear Army Cargo Pants

The army cargo pants are a versatile clothing option that comes in different color, silhouette and pattern. According to the current fashion wave the slim silhouettes and dark shades are mostly common rather than the old baggy style. It depends how you want to pair them for a classy look or a casual one. Team them up with stylish accessories for a different look every time you wear them.

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The edgy glamour looks

The fitted silhouette and the slim cut of the army cargo pants for women make them a good alternative of casual pants and jeans. For a night out with friends, you can team them up with black halter necks and a chick neck piece. Tank tops with eye catching sequins, prints and graphics go very well with cargos. Add a bandeau beneath it if you prefer additional coverage. Include layered or chunk neck pieces and a big statement ring. Steal the look with a dab of lip gloss and the perfect night look is ready.

The casual all day look

The baggy cargos are never outdated. Wear them with a t shirt that is half tucked in and add leather belts beneath the loop of the cargo pants. Keep the look stylish yet simple. Wearing a cardigan over the top is another option.

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The chick look

The popular camo pants with separates give a more collegiate look. Wear olive green or camel colored cargo pants with white graphic t shirts and the college look is ready. Team it up with a small ear stud and a bracelet. A thin leather belt can even be added along with a cardigan or sweatshirt. An oversized watch is an ensemble that gives in a more stylish and girl like look.

Weekend look

In case of a sporty ensemble, wear printed cargo pants with hooded sweatshirts or pull over. Women add a little more detailing like floral print or lace on the tops. Complete the look with a statement neck piece, a wrist watch and wedge heels.

Army cargo pants for men are mostly available in cotton that gives all the comfort. They are slim fitted with straight cut. The cargo pockets on the legs allow you to keep your necessary items safely. There are even flap buttoned pocket at the back of the pant for extra carrying.

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Reasons for popularity of cargo pants

The army cargo pants with its wide pockets, narrow fit, baggy and urban style has dominated fashion since ages. There are numerous reasons for their popularity.

They are very comfortable to wear and are extremely lightweight that helps in moving around. This also does not look sloppy at all. Army fatigue cargo pants are the first choice of men. Although they are available for both the genders, men prefer it more over women. Among the various colors, the gray and olive shades are most popular.

Another reason why these are a must have is that they are very affordable. Made from the most comfortable fabric these pants are even easy on the pockets.

All About Army Cargo Pants For Women

Army cargo pants have created such a statement that has always remained in fashion. Unlike other styles, it has never made an exit from the fashion scenario and so can be worn with various outfits for various looks. You can easily observe these types of pants worn in everyday street wear for hip hop and punk clothing statement. Skaters are also the primary fashion enthusiast for these kinds of pants as well as nature lovers and outdoor hunting enthusiasts love to wear these very convenient and sturdy pants. If you love the great outdoors and the adventurous spirit is your personality then these pants are definitely a must have in your closet.