How to Select Hunting Clothes

Hunting clothes are especially designed for people going on any hunting expedition. These differ according to type of hunting sport. Characteristics of such clothes used for deer hunting are, therefore, different from those used for waterfowl hunting or pigeon hunting. The climate also dictates a few terms on how these clothes should be, as does the terrain. In addition, hunting clothes for men differ to an extent from hunting clothes for women. Notwithstanding such differences in these clothes, there are some essential features in any hunting apparel.


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Essential features of hunting attire

The list of desirable and essential features in any hunting attire includes:

a.  Ability to camouflage

It is essential that the hunter is not conspicuous amidst the surroundings otherwise his or her prey would not venture within hunting range. Another reason for such camouflaging is the need to remain out of sight of any predators as well. After all, even the hunter may be hunted in hostile terrain. Usually shades of brown, beige, green, black, white, and gray are used to make such clothes. If it is a jungle, then all such colors may be used on hunting apparels. If it is a comparatively arid terrain, then a single color, usually mud brown suffices. People going for hunting in any snow laden regions wear white or gray colored hunting apparel with designs of leaves and sticks to blend in their surroundings.

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b.  Keep hunter comfortable

Hunters may have to wait for a long time and remain still too on rough surface. At times, they may have to chase their prey on foot or flee from other animals. The clothes they wear should therefore absorb any sweating, if the conditions are hot, or keep them warm if climate conditions around are cold. Elk hunting is one such hunting sport in which the hunter requires some insulated clothes. In case of waterfowl hunting, it becomes essential for these clothes to be impervious to water or dry fast as otherwise, the person may have to remain in wet clothes for a long time. If the hunter has to sit in any hot and almost open terrain for hunting a prey like lion, then such clothes should also reflect away excessive sunlight and not let any bark or stones poke through. Stitching of clothes should be such that it is not easy for any insects, reptiles, etc., to enter them easily and yet, the hunter should feel adequately ventilated in them.

c.   Ability to withstand rough and tough treatment

Such clothes should not tear easily. This applies both to the fabric as well as stitches on it. Hunting grounds are usually filled with trees that have barks that are peeling off, or uneven stones. Twigs and thorns can cling to clothes or tear them. It should be easy to remove such twigs, thorns, etc., without causing any damage to clothes. At times, the hunter may have to remain on tree top for hunting, positioning himself on the rough bark. The clothes used for such hunting should be able to withstand such roughness, and at the end of the day, these should be washable as well.

d.  Ability to control odor

Animals are quick to identify scents. Some of the modern hunting clothes come with odor controlling feature which prevents the prey from escaping easily.

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e.  Ability to store and hold hunting essentials 

There should be enough pockets, and loops for keeping guns, bullets, ropes, or anything to eat. Likewise, hunter may require drinking water because carrying large gear increases weight, and this may be difficult proposition depending upon the type of hunt. Ideally, the apparel should allow for carrying such bare minimum, including contemporary hunting essentials such as Swiss knife, torch, cell phone/GPS equipment, and matches.

f.  Light in weight

Usually, any hunter carries enough gear so the weight of his or her clothes should not add to it.


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Different components of hunting apparel

Apart from camo pants or camouflage pants, hunters use hunting clothes such as vests, coats, tops, jackets, belts, waders, and full-sleeve shirts. Women hunters usually use leggings. Holster shirts may be essential for some types of hunting. Usually jackets are hooded. Some people use shorts while others prefer cargo pants. It is obvious that not all such clothing is needed in every type of hunting. Blaze jacket or other clothing, however, may be essential to prevent hunting accidents in which humans kill humans inadvertently. These are bright orange in color.

Hunting apparel is special variety of clothing. While some of the normally worn clothes such as shorts, leggings and cargo pants may be worn while hunting, much depends upon the sport type, season, and terrain. Clothes suitable for hunting in woods may be unsuitable for hunting in grassy fields, wetlands, and snow. Periodically, new features are added to such clothing such as scent control, which is basically treating the fabric of such clothing for bacteria control. Discount hunting clothes help in finding the ideal hunting clothing for different types of hunting games.