Endless Fashion Possibilities with Skinny Cargo Pants

Skinny cargo pants are now fashionable clothing pieces that you cannot just take for granted. The versatility and unique style greatly contribute in making these pants stand out whenever worn appropriately. These are paired with different types of tunics, shirts, T shirts and other kinds of tops for casual wear. Conventionally, such pants were grey, green, black, or khaki colored, unlike jeans, which are more often than not blue colored. However, the latest trend in cargo pants gives designers greater liberty to use different colors, prints, materials and hardware. This is the reason why colors such as mustard, white, and red are no longer a taboo in these pants, nor are stripes.

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The popular camo pants rage amongst skinny cargo pants is also not confined to traditional colors. These may have a combination of red and black, which are highly unlikely colors for any traditional camouflaging trouser. Other color combinations and possibilities are actually endless if only a person is able to explore all the options. Stitching pattern and print design of such pants may be the reason for such categorization.

Different styles and designs

Such pants are worn above the hip. Patch or flap pockets that are characteristics of cargo pants are present even on these pants. These pants are slim from thigh upwards towards hip and above but slightly below waist. Options include low rise and mid rise. These pants are close fitting or skinny for the rest of the length, i.e., from below thigh to the ankle. However, even slightly narrower version of traditional cargo pants which are not as tight can be referred to as skinny cargo pants.

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These trousers mostly end above the ankle. Zips, buttons, belts, and buckles are often used to embellish these pants. Therefore, it is not unusual to find the silver colored zips or studs on these pants. Likewise, gunmetal buttons and studs are also popular for adorning these pants. That being said, anyone can guess how several options are available for anyone who wants to dress uniquely and differently from others.

In general skinny cargo pants for women are narrower when compared to skinny cargo pants for men. Men’s trousers tend to be more straight, throughout their length, be it thigh, hip, knee or below. They are only narrow in comparison to conventional cargo pants, or even other trousers. They may also be longer unlike the skinny cargo trousers that women wear. Women’s trousers may be a split on leg, closer to the ankle, and a zip may be provided for closing this split. Some of these trousers may have cotton belt facility to allow people to use such these pants as capris as well.

Military Skinny Cargo Pants For Men

Materials used to make skinny cargo trousers

Such tight fitting cargo trousers may be made from different materials such as:

  • Cotton and spandex
  • 100 percent cotton
  • Twill
  • Cotton blended with other materials

Traditionally, cargo skinny pants were used by armed forces personnel. They had several prominent external pockets located on different parts of the trouser’s leg to help the personnel carry various objects. These pants were also easy to wear, and they dry faster because of synthetic materials used to make them. These are some of the reasons why these pants were hugely popular back in the days.

A Brief Look on Skinny Cargo Pants For Women

Conventional cargo pants have been redesigned for fashion world. Such designs include skinny cargo pants. Advantage of these pants is that they look stylish with most of the tops, tunics and t-shirts. They also do not cost a fortune for a casual wear. Most of these pants can be bought for less than $70, with many in the range of $15 to $30 a piece.