Designer Jeans Are More Affordable Now

Jeans have almost become an indispensable part of everybody’s wardrobe. Both men and women wear these pants. Jeans are ideal clothes for outdoor work. In fact most of the cheap designer jeans are for outdoor activities including hunting, trekking, hiking, and gardening, though they are equally convenient for working indoors especially for works such as painting, cleaning, wood works, and other chores. Expectations from designer jeans, however, are high. People expect these jeans to be stylish and well fitting, apart from having perfect finishing. Designer’s label therefore increases the price of the product. People expect fashion designers to make them look trendy, if not anything else. Such brand or label does not necessarily include jeans designed by the person whose name it bears. Nevertheless, people identify designer jeans and other fashion clothing with such label and are willing to pay something extra for looking good.

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Materials and Treatments Used

Denim is the fabric that is usually used to make such jeans. Other popular fabrics for making these designer pants include leather, hemp, corduroy, and cotton. Blended materials such as cotton with polyester, and cotton lycra are now making in-roads into what was traditionally the territory of denim. Apart from materials, designers also use different colors, textures, prints, weaves, treatments, and hardware to give their jeans a distinct identity. Such options include unusual rhombus shaped jacquard designs, stripe shaped designs, slub selvedge designs, African real wax designs, twill fabric designs, and slub effect designs. Color variations include off whites, light blues, dark blues, greens, and shades of beige, brown, and black.

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Treatment options and additions on jeans that distinguish designer wear include washes, abrasions, and hardware such as buckles, zips, and buttons that often have logo of the brand. Unlike cheaper jean varieties which are available anywhere in the range of $30 to $50 as of now, branded jeans cost almost $200 to $300 or even more. Only high quality materials are used to make such branded jeans. However, treatments such as abrasions, acid washes, and double washes to give the jean an extensively used look comes at the price of durability of these jeans.

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Different Designs for Different Purposes

Designer jeans are also available for various functions such as hunting, and mountaineering. These jeans

  • Serve a specific function
  • Last long;
  • Look different from traditional jeans

 Examples of such jeans include those made from fire retardant materials and the trendy camo pants. As the name suggests jeans made from fire retardant materials are for use in environments that can get really hot and may entail walking into or through fire. Camo variety of jeans help to camouflage the person in unfriendly surroundings such as forests or snow covered mountains. It is the shape and fitting of jeans designed by fashion designers that makes such clothing convenient for such functions, apart from meticulous stitching and eye to details essential for such activities.

Similarly, there is subtle difference in the designer jeans for men and designer jeans for women, mostly around waist and hips apart from the width. Quite often, such jeans for women are narrow like leggings. The number of pockets included in men’s jeans may be more. Such pockets may be highlighted by stitching the borders with lighter colored thread.

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Jeans are the most common casual wear clothing for both genders. When designed by fashion designers, these make the person wearing them look more stylish, apart from ensuring comfort. In the era prior to great recession, such functional clothing had suddenly caught fancy of people increasing their demand to unprecedented heights, and therefore, their costs as well. However, in contemporary world, there are many well established fashion houses as well as lesser known designers who offer their brands of jeans at far lower prices than what existed in the past. One of the reasons for this may be that people use jeans as casual wear, and therefore, are not willing to spend a fortune for such clothing.