Choosing the Right Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are comfy and cute pair of pants that depicts a little worn and loose look, almost if you had borrowed them from a boyfriend. Despite the very masculine name that they have, these jeans tend to be a popular item in nearly every wardrobe, and one can look very comfy and stylish in these jeans. All that you need to do to choose a pair that will flatter you and fit that you can combine with cute tops in your closet. It’s time to go out and get some of these cute jeans as well as its similar design camo pants, and make a wardrobe all your own.

Denim Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Selecting the Right Pair of Worn Jeans

If you want a pair of jeans that truly fit the term “boyfriend jeans“, you will need to select some that appear as if you might have taken them from your boyfriend. It doesn’t matter whether they are a little faded, frayed, or have a few small holes and tears, the jeans to look like they are worn out, even if you have just recently purchased them. Make sure that you don’t go overboard on choosing the distressed boyfriend jeans. They need to look like they are a little worn; however, they shouldn’t look like they need to go in the trash.

Discover Boyfriend Jeans
Selecting a Pair of Women’s Boyfriend Pants

Although the idea of boyfriend jeans is to wear a little big pair of pants and look like they were meant for a man, they shouldn’t actually be big enough to fit on the body of a man. If you purchase a pair of men’s pants, they are going to be too big and baggy, and they aren’t going to have the same great look that you get with women’s jeans. Make sure that you aren’t going out to purchase an actual pair of mens pants. Instead try borrowing a pair of jeans from a friend, or purchase a pair of plus size boyfriend jeans.

Although most pairs of boyfriend jeans are typically low at the waist, you can also find high waist options. The type of cut that is most ideal for you will depend on your body shape. If you have a little extra weight in the middle, you might want to stick with some high waisted jeans. However, if you are very tall and slender, a pair of low waisted jeans will provide your body with the look of curves. Although these pants are meant to appear worn out and big, it doesn’t mean that they should fit your body. The best boyfriend jeans need to fit all of your curves and should be baggy around the legs.

Get a Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

You can find this style of jeans in many washes from very dark colors of denim to lighter washes. Generally, the darker wash is considered to be more of a formal wear than the lighter washes. The darker washes are also more likely to look better on older women that enjoy the look of these jeans. The darker jeans will also bring less attention to your lower half and more to the upper part of your body.

Find The Best Boyfriend Jeans

When choosing boyfriend jeans, it is also similar to choosing your ordinary type of jeans such as the skinny or the straight cut. The difference is on the style of the jeans. These jeans will give you a laid back look and a relaxed attitude. The best tops to wear with these cool jeans are tank tops, flare shirts and plain white slim fit tees. You can also experiment what looks best on you. You know your style and you can pull off any wardrobe ensemble if you are comfortable in them and you have that shining confidence in you.