Tips When Buying Flare Jeans

Many people would like to have the best type of flare jeans. This can be found if you make a good search for what you prefer from the many dealers out in the market. You will have to first gather the necessary information before you make choice on the best shops to make your purchase. However, you may also find getting the right quality and design a major task for you. This therefore calls for your attention to make sure you consider the right steps while looking for such outfit. You have many ways at your disposal to make choice on what to buy and from whom. Consider some of the below points and your journey will be made a reality.

Where to Buy Skinny Flare Jeans

Tips when buying flare jeans.

  • Cost

The first thing that catches your eyes whenever you enter the shop to buy is the cost of what you need to have. This is mainly because people have different financial abilities and therefore bound to make choice considering the size of their pockets. Prefer buying camo pants from the best supplier who is well known in the market and can offer discounted prices. Some emerging hops may also offer low prices to keep up with market competition, but before you go for their goods, ensure you confirm to get the right quality.

Get a High Waisted Flare Jeans for Women

  • Design

It is also worth considering design before you make choice to buy super flare jeans. You can easily distinguish original from counterfeit designs by observing labels and stitch quality. You can get your best design flare jeans from online stores where they display all sorts of clothing and its description. Visit different shops and get to compare the various designs that they offer so as to choose the ones that fit your best. Do not rush to choose designs that will run out of fashion in a short period of time, rather consider long term effect before you decide to make payment for the jeans.

  • Size

Size is a very important aspect to consider while looking for flare jeans. You should buy clothes that rhyme well with your body shape and size. For tall ladies, it is advisable to make preference for jeans that make them appear short so as to make a balance in appearance. However, for short ladies, you should prefer to wear high waisted flare jeans that will enhance height on your appearance. This is also applicable to slim people as they would look better in loose fitting flare jeans

Sexy and Stylish Flare Jeans

  • Durability

Not all suppliers may offer the right quality. You may find similarity in goods but the quality may differ and thus the goods may not serve you for the length of time you would prefer. Therefore, when buying skinny flare jeans, you must consider the reputation of the supplier. Give preference to people who have served in the market for a long time and have a good name in terms of good service and offering quality goods. You can also rely on friends and neighbors to refer you to the best places you can get flare jeans that will guarantee long life.

Kinds of Womens Super Flare Jeans

Flare or bell bottom jeans have been popularized in the hippie’s time in the seventies. Its popularity continues to flourish even in the present trends for fashionable jeans. As trends come and go, you are assured that bell bottom jeans at some point in time will have a major come back that the future generation will again patronize. The best thing about having these kinds of pants is that they are made by durable fabric and can be reused in the future when the trends flare up for bell bottom jeans again.

Facts about different styles of black jeans

Numerous black jeans are available in fashion at any given moment. There are innumerable style trends in fashion at any given instant. However, those identical trends can rapidly turn out to be dated and out of fashion, often earlier than they even make their way into the closet of a person. Such fleetingly fashionable pieces can be tricky to include in the wardrobe of a person. This is the reason for basic articles of garments can be so advantageous, especially black color jeans. Denim of this cleanse can be worn in many ways, making black color jeans very versatile in the wardrobe of any person. By understanding the application of black jeans, and knowing which fashion best suit the body type of a person, he or she can find out the tricks to styling these jeans with various other garments.


All About Black Jeans

Different styles of jeans

Black color Jeans is available in the following different styles.

  • Bootcut Jeans
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Flared Jeans
  • Boyfriend jeans


Reason to wear black color jeans

The advantages of accumulation of black jeans in the closet are far-reaching. From their adaptability to their slimming results, black color jeans can assist people branch-out their attires and for that cause, these pants will rapidly turn out to be any person’s go-to item.


Stylish Black Skinny Jeans


Black skinny jeans boast a certain adaptability that allows them to be coupled with just about anything in the closet of a woman, from plain T-shirts to heels and ceremonial blouses. It is repeatedly said that the black color matches all, and jeans have long been a staple in the wardrobe of a woman. These two details alone create black color jeans the eventual keystone to fashionable outfits. Black color jeans put in dimension to any cabinet by allowing the possessor to exercise the jeans as either the hub of an outfit, or merely the foundation of one.

Trimming Effects

Not only the black color matches virtually each other color in the range, it is as well one among the most trimming colors of garments. Black ripped skinny jeans generate smooth lines on the body, offering the look of a lean construction. It visually offers a slim look to the body, and can also be handy in drawing the eye away from any meticulous part of the body, one would like to disguise.

Punk Rock Black Ripped Skinny Jeans

High-waisted jeans

Similar to the flared jeans, high waisted black jeans are redolent of the 70s and 80s. However, these jeans can also be worn nowadays to create a chic and contemporary statement. These jeans, as the name implies, boast a high rise that reaches far-off over the normal hip line. This ascent is all the way up to the waist, regularly in the area of the belly button of a woman. The fashion is usually formed-fitting and cozy, and the legs can be something from flared to scrawny. However, narrowed bottoms are more familiar.

Black stylish Camo pants are available in different styles for both men and women. Even though black color jeans match just about all, there are particular pieces that work greatest with this denim. It is simple to make a decision what to put on with one’s black color jeans by having a meticulous occasion or aim in mind, whether a woman plans on dressing the denim for relaxation, to the workplace, or for a night walk on the city.

Sexy Womens High Waisted Black Jeans

Since the invention of denim jeans, it has not stopped its production and innovation until the present. There are more designs and color evolving and people are still patronizing the use of pants of the years. Its comfort, versatility and durability have been proven unmatched all these years. Everyone has a pair of pants in their closet.

Straight Leg Jeans

Having well-made straight leg jeans brings a good sense of beauty. It creates confidence and good room for enjoyment as you go out with friends. You can find different suppliers who deal in clothing selling similar jeans but which in reality may not match in terms of quality. Therefore, you need to make the right choice for you to get the best type and quality of jeans. This calls for keen observation of some basic and subtle considerations while making choice on where to buy or who to buy from. You have to look into several matters as outlined in this article.


Casual Mens Straight Leg Jeans

Things to consider while buying jeans

  • Your body type

Consider looking into your body type while looking for camo pants. For instance, short ladies should wear trousers that make them appear taller. Therefore, they should opt for straight leg jeans that go above the waist and down below the belly bottom. Likewise, for tall ladies, it is wise to go for outfit that makes them appear shorter. They should go for low line straight leg jeans that make them appear shorter. For chubby women, they should go for the loose type of clothes. Therefore, you can make the right choice by first analyzing your body type and shape.

  • Your budget

It is very important to consider the amount of funds available at your disposal before going out to make a purchase. This will enable you to have easy time before you decide to buy womens straight leg jeans. Choose the best shops that offer discounted prices and have served in the market for a long time. This so because dealers who have served the market for long and have a good reputation tend to offer the best services so as to guard their name and maintain market popularity. Therefore, make the right target of clothing dealers who can offer the cheapest prices.

Womens Slim Straight Leg Jeans

  • Quality

A big problem comes when someone tries to distinguish quality from counterfeit goods. Nowadays the market has flooded with people who adulterate goods from other companies and end up offering low quality goods which may not offer the desired service. For mens straight leg jeans, consider checking the labels well and ensure they are made by the right company. Also make a move to visit the big shops out in the market as they are likely to offer goods from genuine suppliers. Consult with friends to get referred to the best shops for your purchase while looking for straight leg jeans.

Discover Womens Straight Leg Jeans

  • Design

You can find different plus size straight leg jeans designs. This therefore calls for you to analyze your preferences and make the right choice. You can choose from the latest fashion or choose old school sets that may make you look cool and confident. This mainly depends on what type of clothing you prefer to wear at any given time. Your best color also counts a big deal while making choice for straight leg jeans. Choose colors that guarantee long time of fashion tolerance. Do not rush to buy trendy jeans that will run out of fashion in just a few days.

Shop for Plus Size Straight Leg Jeans

Jeans bring comfort and flexibility when you are out running errands or just chilling over the weekend. These are durable clothing that can serve you for a long time since most jeans are made from thick and sturdy denim fabric that can outlast wear and tear. Aside from its being comfortable and durable, you can also enjoy different designs that are trendy and hip with the fashion season. There’s always a pair of jeans for every season so you can always store and reuse your pants when season changes. Choosing the right type of quality jeans you will enjoy for a long time will be money well spent.

Ways to Wear Red Jeans

There are many who wonder whether red jeans would be a suitable choice for them or not. If you think the same before getting hold of a pair of red colored jeans for yourself then think again. A majority of people prefer to wear red jeans not only in the winter season but all through the years as the result of which this attire is gaining huge popularity among both the genders.

Attractive Red Jeans For Men

Types of Jeans

As there is much demand of red colored jeans, they are available in different styles. The most popular styles available in the stores are: red skinny jeans, apple bottoms, boot cuts, trendy camo pants and several others. You can choose your style as per the occasion you are going to wear them for.

Increasing Popularity in Fashion Industry

Fashion conscious men and women should get hold of a pair of red jeans for themselves. These jeans were very popular in 80s. In commercials, movies and Television programs Hollywood stars are seen putting them. Young gals and guys can wear these jeans along with the brown colored leather jackets.

Ways to Match Outfit with Red Jeans

Recently, the popularity of red colored jeans has gained momentum.

  • Brown leather jacket is a perfect outfit to wear with red colored jeans.
  • Black is another color which looks equally appealing with it. But, all the light color tops go well with a pair of red colored jeans.
  • If you have an innovative mindset, you can come up with a lot of accessories that go well with these jeans.
  • A pair of leather boots or a pair of black heels worn along with a red colored jeans make you look amazingly stunning.


Discover Skinny Red Jeans For Women

A Perfect Wear for Valentine Day

If you love red colored jeans and have worn them on several occasions like New Year eve, Christmas Eve, Halloween parties and others, then consider wearing them on the occasion of Valentine day. Red is the color which ignites the feeling of romance so how about the idea of wearing them for the special day meant for your beloved. You are sure to win accolades and if you have the right type of figure then you can consider wearing skinny jeans.

Sexy And Stylish Red Jeans

Red Jeans for men and women

Whether you want to get hold of red jeans for men or women, you would get both of them easily in the market. Red jeans for women are more popular. Red jeans for kids are also available both in the virtual and real stores. If you have a right body frame then you can go for skinny jeans.

Long and Short Red Jeans

If you are bored with those commonly worn blue denims, you need not fret. Put on bright colored jeans and look different. There are a number of outfits that go well with red colored jeans like black blazers, polka dot black tops and floral scarves. Do not look further and break free with the traditional of wearing blue and black jeans as you can appear drop dead gorgeous in a pair of red colored jeans.

All About Red Skinny Jeans

Red is a bright color that also connotes a bright and bubbly personality. Not everyone can pull off red clothing because not everyone has a relaxed personality. Although you are the serious type, it also doesn’t mean you cannot wear red at all. Trying on new clothes is a great way to reinvent yourself. Not only will you discover more ways to dress up but also will make you feel good about your new self. With the holidays just around the corner, surprise your family and coworkers by wearing a totally new outfit for the festivities of the season.

What You Should Know About High Waisted Jeans

Nowadays, most people rarely shop for high waisted jeans. This is because low rise or medium rise cuts are the preferred style when it comes to jeans for women. Lately, most women who walk around are wearing these types of cuts.

Shop For High Waisted Skinny Jeans

If you are in the market for one, chances are, you might get overwhelmed with the staggering number of choices available. But you don’t need to succumb to confusion – there are always proper ways on buying jeans, especially those that are high waisted, in order to come up with a wise decision. The good news for you is that this article has gathered all the necessary tips that you should follow when selecting one. From the best sources down to the benefits, you’ll find them all by reading below.

Sexy High Waisted Jeans
Where to Find High Waist Jeans

Only two stores usually advertise high waisted skinny jeans. And these two are:

  • Kohl, which sells the Lee brand of these jeans, is one of these stores. These jeans have four pockets that are regular sized; two at the back, two in front, and the front also has a small sized pocket. These jeans are a boot cut version and the relaxed style. Gloria Vanderbilt is the other brand that this store sells. A petite version of these jeans is also available and they have a similar pocket design. However, the leg has a narrow fit and this is what distinguishes the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. 
  • Macy’s is the other store that usually carries high waisted jeans. Although this store carries cheap high waisted jeans, its styles are the same as the ones that Kohl carries. You can still find your preferred high waist jeans. Smaller and locally owned boutiques and shops also carry this type of jeans in addition to the low-rise style, which is very popular. 


All About High Waisted Flare Jeans

Wearing High Waist Jeans

You can find both the boot cut versions, which are relaxed in nature, and the narrow leg versions in either non-stretch or stretch. Stretch jeans offer ease of mobility and hence, they are more popular nowadays. All the various styles are available in the extremely popular beige or white colors and the dark to light color denim. Purple or red are the other colors that you will see sometimes when you are looking for high-rise jeans.

You should wear longer sweaters and tops when your wear high waisted flare jeans. These jeans usually go extremely low at the back and hence, women who bend down while wearing them can do so without being careful. The high waisted jeans are not only attractive in terms of aesthetics, but they also allow you to bend and move easily. You can also wear them with shorter sweaters and tops that have the ability of expanding your choices of style.


Buy A Cheap High Waisted Jeans
How High Waisted Jeans Can Benefit You

These jeans offer numerous benefits. Yes, right now, the fashion trend is low waist jeans. However, even the ones that are well made have some faults. For example, they make the waist in their back to sit away from your back regardless of the size that you wear. You do not experience such a problem when you wear camo pants starting from your natural waistline.

According to some, these jeans are pants for mom. However, many people who have never been parents find high waist jeans very comfortable because they help in holding in a protruding stomach in order to hide it. If you are in imperfect shape, low waisted jeans are a reminder of all the seconds that you have love handles or some roll of fat. You can also keep yourself warm during winter by wearing natural waistline denims.

Be Fashion Forward with Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans have always been in fashion. It came into fashion around the 1990s and since then it has managed to rule the fashion world. Be it men or women these jeans are popular among both the genders. For those who can’t really wait for the fall, this type is really for them. With the skinny counterpart also coming into fashion, these jeans have not lost their position. It gives a comfy fashionable feel and the silhouette gives the perfect transitional look.

All About Wide Leg Jeans For Men

The Various Looks To Sport With These Jeans In Summer

A woman’s wardrobe can never be complete without a nice pair of jeans. Wide leg jeans are ideal for all age groups and can be easily worn at any place. Most of the work places even recognize it as an office wears. This way the jeans are extremely essential to try out different looks with it.

  • The office look – A block heel or a killer loafer goes well with wide leg jeans. You can wear it with a crisp white cotton shirt and a brown or black slim leather belt. Complete the look with a small neckpiece and studs and you are ready to go.
  • The lazy weekend look – For the no work look, wide leg jeans for women are ideal. Wear it with a t shirt and add a chunky neckpiece with it. You can then seal the look with sneakers. However from simple tees to graphic or printed tees all work well with them. Since the summer time demands less of heavy clothes, you can even wear the jeans with a tank top.
  • After dinner drink look – Wear a skinny top or a fashionable top with lace work or embellishments on it along with jeans. Complete the look with super shiny footwear and a dab of lip-gloss. This looks even work well with camo pants.
  • One jeans – many looks – Wide leg jeans don’t need to be worn just as they are. Doing some experiment with the look is also allowed.


Shop for Stylish Wide Leg Jeans For Women

Fold the jeans till the knees. Add one or two folds. Keep it that way. Wear a t shirt with it and sneakers or loafer. This look is perfect for wide leg jeans for men. It can even be tried for a beach party look. For a formal-casual look wear the jeans with a light shaded shirt or a solid colored shirt and a neck tie. This look works both for a party as well as for other formal events. Wear the jeans with other semiformal footwear for a completely new look.

Discover the Beauty of Wide Leg Jeans

What is really amazing about these jeans is that they available in a variety of colors and can be used to bring out different looks. Just a single pair of jeans can give so many different looks for men and women. However, when buying these always remember to get the right size. Too short or too long jeans never look good and should be avoided. There are even plus size wide leg jeans for the heavier men and women. A really good thing about the jeans is that the wide leg space makes them easy to wear unlike the skinny jeans.

Get Womens Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans

Sometimes, functionality is considered over fashion. When people feel comfortable, they feel and look good. And sometimes, it’s the other way around. You are what you wear and you don’t need to follow what other people might say because at the end of the day, it is you who will wear them. It’s ok to listen for suggestions since you don’t know everything about fashion. Just remember to always consider the purpose of the attire because you’ll be judged with it whether you like it or not.

Pair of White Jeans: An Essential Part of Every Wardrobe

White is the color of summer but the fact does not hold true for white jeans which can be worn in any season. Whether you are a fashion conscious  person or just have to wear white jeans as a part of your uniform, you would not find an outfit cooler than that. This pair of jeans can be bought from any retail store which sells jeans and does not cost you more than jeans of other colors.

Designers White Jeans for Women

Where to Find Good Deals

White jeans for men and women can be found easily in the retail stores. Whether you want to get hold of a trendy or not so trendy, you can purchase it either from your nearest outlets or from the virtual shops. But, if you want to get good deals then you should shop online. Virtual merchants offer lucrative discounts from time to time and you can make use of discount coupons/coupon codes to cut down on costs further. Moreover, you can easily find your desired style and can buy it from the comfort of your homes.

Rock & Republic - Runway - Spring 09 MBFW

Different Types Available

These pairs of jeans come in different styles. They can be long or short or knee length. Normally, they have a button closure but they are also available in several other cuts. The different styles available in the stores are: White Skinny Jeans, Flair Bottom White Colored Jeans and Boot Cut Styles and white stylish camo pants.

White is the Color of All Seasons

There was a time when people used to think that white pair of jeans can be put on only in summer season. But, nowadays they can be worn any time of the year. It can be worn in the winter season along with a sweater or during the summer season with a light colored top. You can wear them round the year.

Popular Womens White Jeans

Goes Well With Top of Any Color

Although, the white color jeans go well with the top of any texture or color. But, all those ladies who want to grab attention by appearing drop dead gorgeous must buy a black top along with white jeans for women and a pair of black footwear. But, if you want a dressed down effect, then you should go for a white shirt which will give a casual look.

As a Part of Uniform

Over the years, white colored jeans are worn by the painters and carpenters as part of their uniform. White is the color which is preferred as a uniform by many because it is easy to bleach and clean it. Also, since they have a natural disposition to other colors they can go well with the tops of almost all colors.


Shop For Best White Jeans For Women

Long and Short of it

A pair of white jeans is an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Available in a wide range of styles, these jeans can make you appear stunningly beautiful if worn with the right type of top and accessories. Gone are the days when people used to think that white colored jeans are worn only during the summer season. These jeans can be worn anytime round the year.

White is a neutral color that suits any color combination and it will make you look clean and dainty with it. The only problem with white is that it can easily be soiled so you must be careful with your actions and where you would wear it. You must always have a tissue on hand to wipe any surface before sitting down on them. When you soil your white clothing, remember not to wash it off as the stain will spread throughout the wet area. Instead, tap on the stain and let it dry. When you get home, deal with the stain immediately.

Choosing the Right Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are comfy and cute pair of pants that depicts a little worn and loose look, almost if you had borrowed them from a boyfriend. Despite the very masculine name that they have, these jeans tend to be a popular item in nearly every wardrobe, and one can look very comfy and stylish in these jeans. All that you need to do to choose a pair that will flatter you and fit that you can combine with cute tops in your closet. It’s time to go out and get some of these cute jeans as well as its similar design camo pants, and make a wardrobe all your own.

Denim Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Selecting the Right Pair of Worn Jeans

If you want a pair of jeans that truly fit the term “boyfriend jeans“, you will need to select some that appear as if you might have taken them from your boyfriend. It doesn’t matter whether they are a little faded, frayed, or have a few small holes and tears, the jeans to look like they are worn out, even if you have just recently purchased them. Make sure that you don’t go overboard on choosing the distressed boyfriend jeans. They need to look like they are a little worn; however, they shouldn’t look like they need to go in the trash.

Discover Boyfriend Jeans
Selecting a Pair of Women’s Boyfriend Pants

Although the idea of boyfriend jeans is to wear a little big pair of pants and look like they were meant for a man, they shouldn’t actually be big enough to fit on the body of a man. If you purchase a pair of men’s pants, they are going to be too big and baggy, and they aren’t going to have the same great look that you get with women’s jeans. Make sure that you aren’t going out to purchase an actual pair of mens pants. Instead try borrowing a pair of jeans from a friend, or purchase a pair of plus size boyfriend jeans.

Although most pairs of boyfriend jeans are typically low at the waist, you can also find high waist options. The type of cut that is most ideal for you will depend on your body shape. If you have a little extra weight in the middle, you might want to stick with some high waisted jeans. However, if you are very tall and slender, a pair of low waisted jeans will provide your body with the look of curves. Although these pants are meant to appear worn out and big, it doesn’t mean that they should fit your body. The best boyfriend jeans need to fit all of your curves and should be baggy around the legs.

Get a Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

You can find this style of jeans in many washes from very dark colors of denim to lighter washes. Generally, the darker wash is considered to be more of a formal wear than the lighter washes. The darker washes are also more likely to look better on older women that enjoy the look of these jeans. The darker jeans will also bring less attention to your lower half and more to the upper part of your body.

Find The Best Boyfriend Jeans

When choosing boyfriend jeans, it is also similar to choosing your ordinary type of jeans such as the skinny or the straight cut. The difference is on the style of the jeans. These jeans will give you a laid back look and a relaxed attitude. The best tops to wear with these cool jeans are tank tops, flare shirts and plain white slim fit tees. You can also experiment what looks best on you. You know your style and you can pull off any wardrobe ensemble if you are comfortable in them and you have that shining confidence in you.

Sassy Sexy Jeans

Sexy jeans have been popular since the early seventies and even up to the present, it continues to thrive in the fashion world. There are jeans for both men and women but more women are patronizing sexy pants compared to men. This is perhaps due to the double standard placed on women when it comes to clothing and fashion. With the advent of media advertising, sexy jeans have propagated all throughout the world making it mainstay clothing apparel in everyday life and a status symbol for youthfulness, sexiness and epitome of beauty and health.

Womens Sexy Jeans

Classifications of Sexy Jeans

There are many types of sexy jeans to choose from. Here are some of the most famous cut of jeans:

Flare or Bootcut Jeans

This type of jeans evens out the body. The jeans are made with skin fit on the thigh part but become wider on the calf area. This wider part is called the flare. It conceals thin or thick calf muscles. It also balances heavier hips and thighs. This kind of jeans has been popularized in the seventies making it look more retro than modern.

Where To Buy Sexy Skinny Jeans

High Waisted Jeans

This type of jeans conceals the “muffin top” body type. This suits long legged women and with long torsos. The darker the shade of the jeans the sexier it becomes. It can emphasize a tiny waist with a tucked in shirt.

Straightleg Jean

This is a more versatile type of jeans because of its roomier cut. The straightleg jeans are for people who are not comfortable in wearing skin tight jeans. To wear these jeans, pair it with platforms and high heels to elongate your legs.

Low Rise Jean

This type of jeans is best suited for short waisted women. These jeans are designed to even out the body of a petite person. One of the most famous low rise jeans is the sexy ripped jeans creating a more dramatic effect on the legs.

New Sexy Ripped Jeans

Skinny Jean

This is the most popular type of jeans that has stayed in the clothing fashion for years. These jeans are skin tight that highlights the legs making it appear longer and slimmer thus having the title of sexy skinny jeans. Darker shades of skinny jeans create an illusion effect of slimming of the body making it a blockbuster demand for women wanting to resolve their problem areas using sexy plus size jeans.

Because of women’s changing taste on jeans, there have been innovations on designs including camo pants for women. Camouflage jeans have been popularized mostly by hip hop dancers and have become a street fashion.

Trendy Sexy Plus Size Jeans

Thing to Consider When Buying A New Pair of Jeans

  • When buying jeans, the first thing you must consider is the kind of cut; bootleg, skinny, straight, low rise or high waisted.
  • It is also must that you should try it on to see the fit and contour on your body.
  • Another thing to consider is the price. Different brands have different prices for their jeans products.
  • Do your research on best places to shop for jeans. Wait out for sale and discount seasons.

Jeans have become part of the wardrobe of every person. There is always one pair of jeans for every closet. Along with the changing trends in fashion, jeans are also changing in line with the trends. From its original purpose of working pants in the early fifties, it has gradually become a fashion trend as sexy jeans over the years. There is a pair of jeans available for everyone in the malls and online shops. The different manufacturers have made prices affordable even to the ordinary worker.

Bell Bottom Jeans – The Return

Bell bottom jeans are unique types of jeans that women love to wear today. They are known for the distinct shape of the leg part that flares out starting just below the knees. It  goes all the way down that will cover most if not all of the footwear. Recently, the flare out design goes above the knees and starts from the thigh. There are different types of women’s bell bottom jeans and it is just proper to understand each one of them to come up with the best fit for every individual.

70s Style Bell Bottom Jeans

Quick History

Bell bottoms were first introduced by various naval institutions. The reason for its flared out shape is for sailors to wear them off in the water easily to avoid being dragged down in the water with their gear. The mens bell bottom jeans was introduced in the early to mid 19th century by both the US and the British royal navy.

The hippie population rediscovered the bell bottoms in the 1960s and lasted for two more decades before they slowly went out of style in the 90s and early 2000s.

Buy A Cheap Bell Bottom Jeans Online

Finding Your Size

It is important to be vigilant for the correct fit of all bell bottom jeans because if you don’t have the right fit, it will make you look shorter and the rear end will look flatter. Men and most importantly women should take the measurements of their thighs, hips, waist and inseam. The inseam length is the measurement from the crotch to the middle of the heel. It is noticeable if the inseam length is too short and you will step on the extra fabric if it is too short.

Sexy Womens Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell Bottom Waist

The first generations of bell bottoms have no pockets and have a high waistline. This limited cut looks flat at the bottom and the hips look wide. Fortunately, there are more options available today that can flatter a woman’s figure and make a man look hip. Here are your options:

  • Low rise – this is the regular height that is just below the navel and along the natural waistline. If you posses the natural curves, then these are the best fit for you.
  • Hip huggers – this is for people who are confident about their body. As the name suggest, it hugs the hips and has the shortest rise that sits just right above the hips. If the fits is not perfect, you might need to use belts to secure the jeans.
  • Ultra low rise – this is slightly higher than hip huggers. You will see the difference but if you have nice curves that highlights your waistline, then you will be able to determine the difference.
  • High rise – this fit reaches above the waistline and the navel. Not all people can pull off this type and flatter their body shape. People with larger bottoms and  long torso can take advantage of this type.
  • Natural waist – if you want to be on the safe side when trying bell bottom jeans, then this is a good start for you. these jeans sits comfortably at the natural waistline of the body. Women who wants to show off their rears are the best people to wear these jeans.


Where To Buy A Mens Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell bottoms are making a comeback in the fashion world together with the camo pants. Because of their high demand, it is easy to find cheap bell bottom jeans online and in local clothing stores. Considering the helpful guidelines above, you will be able to find the perfect fit that can bring your fashion sense into a whole new level. Ride the wave and go with the flow as the bell bottoms will once again flood the runways and streets.