Stretch Jeans for Utmost Comfort

Jeans are in great demand and the variety in which they are available seems to be endless. Stretch jeans are very popular type of jeans and are designed with a fabric that contains elastic to snugly fit into the body. They are no more meant only for celebrities or famous personalities, they are also preferred by common people who desire to get those glamorous look. These types of jeans provide the utmost comfort and also make people look thinner. Besides, it is loved by everyone as one can fit into it easily without much effort. Moreover, stretch jeans offer a stylish and sleek look, making it a must have for any wardrobe.

Levis Stretch Denim Jeans

Be it a party or small get together with friends, night outs or casual movie outing, stretch jeans are suitable for all occasions. This is one of the major reasons that these types of jeans are in great demand by both men and women.

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Stretch Jeans for women

These jeans are mostly preferred by women for the simple reason that they make them look slim. Women who are bit on a heavy side, womens stretch jeans are better option than baggy pants. When teamed up with a pair of smart –t-shirt, these jeans offer a stylish appearance and make it perfect for any party. Moreover, these jeans not only provide comfort while standing or walking but also offer the same comfort while bending or sitting down.

Designer Mens Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans for men

No matter of your body size and structure, these jeans is designed to suit everyone. Men with heavy hips and waist prefer using mens stretch jeans as they can be worn easily. Whether you pair up with a formal shirt or a casual t-shirt, these types of jeans go well with any style of clothing.

Camo pants

Whether you are a fashion enthusiasts or not, camo pants are a must have clothing for your wardrobe. These pants have natural design that resembles the nature and are preferred by people who enjoy outdoor activities. As such type of pants can easily blend with the natural environment; hunters become easily invisible to animals which allow them to enjoy their adventure. Moreover, camouflage pants feature numerous pockets that allow people to keep their accessories safely, thus eliminating the need of carrying additional bags. Besides, comfort is the key feature of these pants and also available for both men and women.

People whose hips are bigger than their waist, stretch denim jeans can do wonders for them. In addition, it can help people to hide their extra fats to create a well-toned body structure. Because of its gaining popularity, top designers have become conscious and are constantly striving to meet the demands of people. They are putting all their efforts to design different style of stretch jeans.
With these jeans in a closet, there is no need to worry about comfort and style. The key advantage of these jeans is that they are not only suitable for all body structure but also ideal for all occasion.

Metallic Coated Women Stretch Jeans

Choose the right pair of jeans that suit your body structure best. You know what’s best for you when you try it on and feel the difference that it makes with your body. If it makes you feel good about yourself and you look good through the mirror you know that you are wearing the perfect jeans for you. Make sure that before you buy the jeans you have fitted it well. If you are fond of online shopping, make sure that the website with which you are purchasing the jeans has return and exchange policy that can be of your favor.

A Guide in Helping You Find Perfectly Fitting Petite Jeans

Petite skinny jeans are definitely the in thing in fashion at the moment. Characteristic of amazing fashion looks yet at the same time serving as a guarantee for a slim fit, these jeans are very easy to match up for a unique look. For instance, you can dress up these jeans with a pair of cool sneakers and have a unique look. There is also no limit as far as choosing a complimenting top is concerned. Almost any shirt, blouse or top can be paired with these pants and you can create a chic impression in an instant.

Chic Petite Jeans

Just like finding camo pants, getting hold of petite jeans which perfectly fit can sometimes be a real challenge since there are several factors which should be taken into consideration such as the cut, fabric, sizing as well as proportioning. This being the case, here is an overview on how best to find the best petite jeans.

Straigh Petite Skinny Jeans

Helpful tips when buying

  • Petites who have large hips and are short should look for jeans with straight leg cuts. These jeans should help avoid extreme flare styles, should not be excessively baggy and most importantly should be characteristic of slim cuts. All of these options are available in optional stretch styles which double up by making them even more comfortable.

  • In case of short small hips, try low rise, straight leg petite jeans. This is because they are characteristic of flares whose cuts perfectly compliment average hip sizes. All this will collectively add balance to the body figure, consequently creating an amazing fashion illusion of longer legs which will favor you. Interesting thing is some designers even offer petite versions in their own line. This makes it all the more easier and faster for you to combine style and comfort in one purchase.

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  • For those who have a short belly but with a bulging tummy it is advisable to stick to stretching styled jeans which do not cut off at the waist level. In fact, if possible it is advised that these body types try out both the high waisted jeans as well as the low rise jeans. However, regardless of the style in which you are interested in, make sure that the jeans which you choose do not go over the belly button. Available options include the lycra content with pockets seating on the hips.


  • When out looking for petite jeans, try as much as possible not to worry yourself about the style of the waist or length. In fact with a petite body you will find it really easy to choose among the different styles like wide legs, flares and even boot cuts. The only problem might only be in finding jeans which is not too short. Good news is there are now several designers that are making longer denim so consumers can have a variety of options to choose from. These tips are equally helpful even when looking for petite maternity jeans. Being pregnant does not always mean sticking to boring and old-fashioned clothes that are too simple and uninteresting. With these jeans, you get to maintain your stylish side all the time.

Casual Petite Maternity Jeans

For a pleasurable shopping experience

The above petite jeans shopping tips should be able to help make your shopping experience less challenging. While shopping, take note that something which may look amazing on somebody else might not look the same on you hence you should focus on finding what matches your fashion sense of style and personal preferences. In short, put more emphasis on getting hold of a pair which compliments your body type and you will not regret it at all.

How to Choose Cheap Jeans Correctly

Finding cheap jeans is not at all hard if you shop at sales and discount stores. The only thing that may take you a lot of work is finding jeans that flatter your figure. Even when buying jeans on a budget, you have to make sure that you get those that do not look cheap with bad fitting. You should not be easily seduced by low prices and then end up buying jeans that you are not going to use at all. To find a great deal, look for the best type and fit. Cheap does not necessarily mean having to settle for low quality especially when it comes to jeans that you wear on a daily basis.

Slim Cheap Jeans For Men

When choosing nice cheap jeans, first you will need to understand your body type. Cheap jeans for men will differ from cheap jeans for women because of the difference in the male and female body physique. Women usually have curvaceous body shapes and they usually want skin-tight jeans that fit perfectly well. As a result of that, they are more particular about the size of the jeans not only at the waistline, but also all the way down to the feet.

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Finding the right fit

Men are more concerned about the waistline fitting of the jeans, so it may be quite easy for them to shop around for those that are going at low prices at sales and discount stores. But the trends in fashion has seen introduction of skinny jeans for men too, so in such cases they will also need to be more concerned about the fitness of the jeans not only around the waist but also the whole lower part of the body.

The good thing is that there are a many types of cheap jeans on the market, and you can also avoid buying jeans that you may not like by doing research ahead of time. You can look over charts on the internet as well as in magazines for styles that flatter your figure. You might also want to consider the type of material or fabric used as this can also play an essential role when it comes to comfort and flexibility of the jeans. Whether you have skinny legs, short legs, long legs, curvy thighs or any other figure, there are jeans that will suit you. Even if you need cheap jeans for juniors, you are going to get them on the market.

Low Cost Sexy Cheap Jeans For Juniors

Trying it on

You should never buy cheap jeans without first trying them on. If possible, walk around in them and view yourself from different angles before you take them. This way, you can know and feel if the jeans look good on you and if they complement your body type or not.

When trying on the jeans, you should ensure that they have the best fit all over. If you notice that there are gaps in the waist, loose back pockets as well as bunching around the thighs, that pair of jeans does not fit you well. You should obtain jeans that you are comfortable in and they should not look as if they are too large or too small.

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Another option to consider

Apart from jeans, trendy camo pants have also become a very popular fashion statement these days. Not only are they bought for hunting, but people also buy them for casual wear. The casual ones are trendy with good tailoring and stitching and they can be won by men, women as well as kids. When buying them for cheap, make sure that they are going fit perfectly according to the size and shape of your body.

Cargo Jeans

Since the time of its entry in the fashion world a range of Cargo jeans have created a new definition of style and fashion remaining as a casual wear. Generally, cargo pants were seen as the perfect casual wear for men who used to have a direct involvement in outdoor activities. Then, women also took interest in this kind of fashion and started including those into their wardrobe. Now, the time has come when Cargo jeans are taking its deserving place in creating a unique fashion statement.

Buy Mens Cargo Jeans

Skinny Cargo Jeans

The basic difference between cargo pants and that of jeans is while cargo pants have loose fitting, on the other hand you will find range of very stylish cargo skinny jeans in the market. Other than this prime difference you will hardly find any other in this kind of pants. Despite of having a narrow shape and fitting, you will find the pockets in its primary places, shapes and sizes. Primarily, cargo pants were made for the people who indulge themselves in sports or any physical activities. A number of military people also preferred the camo pants for its comparatively loose fit and fluffy shape to let the air pass. But with the emergence of such jeans, this styling got a direct entry to the common people.

Find Skinny Womens Cargo Jeans

Style for both men and women

Just like women started entering their legs in basic cargo pants previously, this time they also taken the same initiative. That’s why designers never stood back in designing comfortable yet trendy looking womens cargo jeans. Women made their own style statement wearing these jeans with colorful tops, shirts, light jewelry and open-toed sandals. Now-a-days they are trying to make an impression by going night clubs, casual parties and informal events wearing the pair of cargo jeans. Surely, men are not far behind as mens cargo jeans have become the favorite trouser of their wardrobe too. They are also getting favorably accustomed with this styling just like they accepted loose fit cargo pants in the 90’s.

Corsshatch Denims Mens Cargo Jeans

Are the pockets unnecessary?

As this certain type of jeans is too tight some may think that the pockets in the jeans are unnecessary. Unlike the loose fit cargo pants, the pockets of the jeans are incapable of carrying bulk objects in it. Though, such a thought is partially right, but there is also some effectiveness of having these cargo-styled pockets in the jeans. Firstly, for those who have comparatively skinny body type, these pockets certainly help in adding some bulk in their legs. Secondly, as the pockets are designed with buttons just like the older cargos, you may carry essential but less bulky objects like wallets, phone or official paper in it. The buttons will certainly help in safekeeping.

As cargo jeans are available in appealing and vibrant colors obscuring the same old military pattern, you can pick all of them for different purposes. However, this fashion can only create your style statement if you know how to carry the outfit. Otherwise, the whole styling may turn into ultimate disaster. So, pick your color and prove yourself unique.

Hottest Womens Cargo Skinny Jeans

You can’t go wrong in buying these types of jeans because they are made breezy and easy to wear on casual days when you are out for a walk or stroll in the mall. This is surely something you don’t want to miss from your closet. It is a good buy mostly because they are built tough. You can enjoy your money’s worth as these pants as they can be worn for a very long time and never goes out of style no matter the season.

Destroyed Jeans Still Remains in Fashion written

With every new season, there came a new style of wearing jeans and people all over the world have been following this fashion trend. Even though wide leg, skinny, or boot cut jeans are a great hit, the style of wearing destroyed jeans are still in and in great demand. Holes, cuts, and fading look on jeans still allow anyone to be in the latest fashion and style.

Discover The Coolness of Destroyed Denim Jeans

Destroyed jeans are nothing but a type of denim clothing that includes a special process of stonewashing to give it a look of being worn several times. These types of jeans often sport a faded color and are ripped in the knee or leg section. Such style of wearing jeans is in great demand by young teenage group including both men and women. They became more popular when rock musicians and many fashion designers adopted this style of jeans.

These jeans are available in different styles and colors such as rips, slashes, bleached, shredded, and more. Jeans with slashes would be ideal to get the polished looks as slashes are made using blades and hence a small part of your leg would be exposed. The bleached jeans feature white patches and offer the look of fading away, making it a perfect wear for any party or occasion. Subtle shredded jeans can last for a long time and enhance its appearance with fashionable footwear or trendy tops. Destroyed ripped jeans can offer rough and funky look and can be worn for a casual party or night out with friends.

Different Styles For Destroyed Denim Jeans

Destroyed Jeans for Women

Destroyed blue denim jeans can be paired with a casual t-shirt or sweater to get those appealing looks. Moreover, the black denim destroyed jeans can be teamed with a casual shirt and high heels for that perfect party look. Besides offering stylish looks, these jeans are very comfortable to wear and easy to handle.  When women wear this kind of clothing, it borrows the tough look of a man while highlighting their sexy appeal since a portion of their skin are exposed. Women love to have this kind of look when they are out in the outdoor doing jobs that is supposedly for men. This is a great way to get out of the stereotype rule of fashion as well.

Where To Buy Destroyed Jeans For Women

Destroyed Jeans for Men

Destroyed jeans can look great on men with tough looks and intense personality. It can be paired up with boots and casual t-shirt for a club party. All men should own this look because it is primarily made for them. It simply shows the masculinity of men who are always out in the field doing heavy jobs and so they say.

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Camouflage Pants

Camouflage or camo pants are very popular type of pants as they can withstand high amount wear and tear and still look perfect. Such types of pants are ideal for people who enjoy outdoor adventures like hiking, hunting, shooting, and more. Because the design and color easily blend with the natural environment, Camouflage pants are most preferred by hunters as they can hide from animals and other hunters. This is a great alternative for men who wants to sustain the tough look from ripped jeans while exploring new ways to look unique and fashionable. Moreover, these types of pants can be of great advantage to men who hate carrying bags as they feature numerous pockets.

Now days, wearing a destroyed denim jeans does not mean being poor, instead it has become a style statement and is often created by top designers. In addition, many celebrities and young generation have adopted this style of dressing to get those rough looks and reveal a tough personality. Destroyed denim is a must have clothing in your wardrobe to dress up casually anytime and anywhere.

Starting a Supply Business on Skinny Jeans for Women

Skinny jeans for women have offered a good business opportunity to people who specialize in their supply. This is because of the growing trend and evolution of dressing styles among different groups of people in the society. Therefore, you can seize an opportunity out of this by making it your business to supply and sell different designs of skinny jeans. However, you need to consider several issues that can guide you to witness flawless growth in your business. You need to first get the right information before you decide to choose running any business of that kind. You can rely on different sources that can guide you to make the right choice and management.

Diesel Skinny Jeans For Women

Things you need to know while running jeans supply business.

  • Reputation.

Having a good reputation translates to easy success in your business. To have easy selling time camo pants, you need to steal the confidence of your audience to your side. This is especially important to ensure continuous flow of customers who come to buy skinny jeans for women. You can easily build a good reputation by offering the best quality of goods and ensuring customer service is considered highly. Offering some discount can also contribute to growing a positive image for your business. Therefore, ensure you build a positive reputation and make effort t have it maintained.

  • Types to stock

You can very easily get good impact from stocking certain type of jeans. For instance, you may find a large majority of your customers prefer white skinny jeans for women. This sends a message that you should consider supplying the type of skinny jeans in plenty as compared to others. You should first observe the market trend and make fast choice on the color and design that would give you more profit and fast sales.

Shop For White Skinny Jeans For Womena

  • Season of the year.

People may choose certain clothing depending on the time of the year. This applies to skinny jeans for women when it comes to festive seasons such as Valentine’s Day where many ladies go for red skinny jeans for women. Therefore, you should take this as an opportunity to ensure you supply this type of jeans in large amounts. Observe the season and start supplying the jeans a few weeks prior to the main occasion. This can boost your sales as many people tend to get influenced by such festivities to buy certain types of clothes.

Find Cheap Bright Colored Skinny Jeans For Women

  • Fashion factor.

Goods in fashion tend to make huge and fast sales compared to ordinary ones. While supplying skinny jeans for women, make sure to look into the most trending outfit in every corner of the market. Be among the first to respond to this market change so as to make a huge cut out of it. For instance, many people may prefer to buy colored skinny jeans because they are the most trending outfit on market. Therefore, you should read the market needs of your buyers and respond in the shortest time possible. Also make sure to supply adequate amounts as too much stock may lead to losses in case the types of skinny jeans get out of fashion.

Buy A  Red Skinny Jeans For Women

Not everyone is cut out for business but everyone can try getting into this business if they want to. This kind of business is especially beneficial to people who love skinny jeans and would love to learn more on how to improve and innovate the skinny jeans fashion to suit not only the current trend but also in foreseeing a potential market in the future. Getting ahead in designs and marketing plus good quality and customer service are the best tools in making it to the jeans industry.

4 Ways To Wear Baggy Jeans

Men and women of this era are beginning to wear baggy jeans once again. When these jeans are worn, they have more space to allow air flow than a tight pair of jeans. You can choose to wear a pair of baggy fit jeans with a coat vest or even a casual t-shirt. However, it’s important to choose a pair of jeans that will fit your body; not too small and not too big, proportional and fit for your body. There are many different ways to wear a pair of these jeans; however, here are four of the most popular ways that they are seen today.

Popular Baggy Jeans For Women
#1 – Jeans and Shirts

You can wear your pair of baggy jeans with a nice short sleeved shirt or cotton t-shirts. It’s best if you choose a slim fitting shirt to wear with these jeans, so you don’t seem overweight. To add a little more to the outfit, you can wear a pair of sandals and a belt with a big buckle. If the bottoms of the jeans are too long, they can be rolled up to the ankles or higher, as you prefer. Make sure that you are matching the colors of your jeans with a shirt. If you choose to wear camo pants, consider wearing a black, dark brown or tan shirt.

#2 – Rolling Up Jeans

Another way to wear a pair of baggy jeans is to roll them above your ankles with a pair of flats and a nice V-neck sweater that matches. If you are wearing baggy jeans for women in a dark blue shade, consider choosing dark colors that will complement the jeans. These colors could include maroon, black, grey or tan and can include embellishments such as designs, images and patterns. Shoes will need to be of a neutral color and in a casual style in order to match the rest of the outfit.

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#3 – Jeans and Tucked Polos

If you’re searching for something a little more casual, baggy jeans for men and a nice plaid button-up shirt would go great together. All you need to do is choose a plaid shirt that is going to match with the chosen jeans, and then you can choose to let the bottom of the shirt flow or tuck it in for a more sophisticated appearance. These jeans and a plaid shirt go nice together with a belt and a pair of boots. If you want to look even more casual, try unbuttoning your last three buttons with a matching t-shirt underneath.

Cool Design Red Baggy Jeans For Men

#4 – Jeans and Sweaters

Baggy jeans can be worn with a sweater shirt as well, for a casual look for men and women. If you want to look even more casual with your jeans, fold them up above the ankle and adding a pair of flat shoes or sandals to match. A long sleeve, white button up shirt with a plaid sweater vest and a pair of these jeans are a great match for nights out or casual wear. You can choose whether or not you would like to wear a belt, depending on how well the jeans fit your waist.

Cool Baggy Jeans for Women

There can be many other ways to wear a pair of jeans. Pants or trousers also called as ‘jeans’ are made for comfort and convenience before it has elevated to as a fashion statement. They are made durable and versatile in terms of designs to meet specific demands of consumers. Modern jeans have come a long way from its original purpose of clothing for the workers. These days, jeans are so diverse that there can be no specific one purpose for them. One pair of quality jeans will serve you a bunch of years if the fabric it is made of is well-maintained and cared for.


How to Look Your Best in Slim Fit Jeans?

Slim fit jeans have started becoming one of the most popular form of jeans. These jeans tend to give you a much nicer look and appearance compared to your traditional pair of jeans. Slim fit looks good on almost anyone and everyone if worn in the right way. However, there are certain body forms for which slim fits would not be the most right thing to wear. Here is a look at some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best slim fit jeans for yourself. These tips would be very good for anyone who wishes to try on and change over to a new style of wearing jeans as well.

Casual Slim Fit Jeans For Men

Vital Things to Keep in Mind

It is always a very nice thing to keep yourself up to date with the latest fashion items in the market. However, before you don something you need to be sure that it suits you well and you look real good in it.

  • One of the most important things when you pick a pair of jeans for yourself is to buy according to your hip size. Buying by hip size would ensure that the jeans gives you that perfect look and it would look as if it has been specially tailored for you!
  • Slim fit jeans look real good especially on petite women. If you are a bit short and petite then slim fit jeans for women can make you look a bit tall as well. In addition, if you wish to look taller make sure you don’t fold up your jeans at the hem.


Buy Cheap Slim Fit Jeans For Women

  • Dark colors are the best and most suited choice for short and stout women. They would look taller than what they actually are and at the same time they would look and feel way more slimmer and sexier. Thanks to these perfect pair of jeans you would look absolutely stunning and don’t have to worry if you are on the heavier side.
  • If you are a male who is too tall and has got real long legs then it is best to avoid wearing slim fit jeans for men since these jeans would make you look way taller and even thinner than what you actually are. Trendy camo pants would be a nice alternative to slim fits for people with such body proportion.
  • What you wear with the jeans also makes a big difference. Do make sure you wear flat footwear like a ballerina with these jeans. You can try wearing heels with the jeans if you have a petite figure.


Get The Best Slim Fit Jeans Online

Wearing the right pair of slim fit jeans is real important to make sure you look real good and absolutely stunning. Make sure that you are wearing the right and best suited pair of jeans for that perfect look. Do try these tips and you can be sure to be at your best and can flaunt that lovely pair of super trendy jeans. Its all about making an informed choice to look your best.

Mens Black Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans allows women to highlight their best asset. It shows the confidence of a woman who is not afraid to express herself through fashion. You will definitely make a fashion look of your own with the help of the denim fabric since denim is almost accepted anywhere. It is heavy duty, thus you don’t need to worry about your slim fits getting torn or worn out right away. In fact, it will create a new look when it is worn out, which is one of the best characteristics of jeans.

Designer Jeans Are More Affordable Now

Jeans have almost become an indispensable part of everybody’s wardrobe. Both men and women wear these pants. Jeans are ideal clothes for outdoor work. In fact most of the cheap designer jeans are for outdoor activities including hunting, trekking, hiking, and gardening, though they are equally convenient for working indoors especially for works such as painting, cleaning, wood works, and other chores. Expectations from designer jeans, however, are high. People expect these jeans to be stylish and well fitting, apart from having perfect finishing. Designer’s label therefore increases the price of the product. People expect fashion designers to make them look trendy, if not anything else. Such brand or label does not necessarily include jeans designed by the person whose name it bears. Nevertheless, people identify designer jeans and other fashion clothing with such label and are willing to pay something extra for looking good.

Discover Designer Jeans

Materials and Treatments Used

Denim is the fabric that is usually used to make such jeans. Other popular fabrics for making these designer pants include leather, hemp, corduroy, and cotton. Blended materials such as cotton with polyester, and cotton lycra are now making in-roads into what was traditionally the territory of denim. Apart from materials, designers also use different colors, textures, prints, weaves, treatments, and hardware to give their jeans a distinct identity. Such options include unusual rhombus shaped jacquard designs, stripe shaped designs, slub selvedge designs, African real wax designs, twill fabric designs, and slub effect designs. Color variations include off whites, light blues, dark blues, greens, and shades of beige, brown, and black.

Sexy Designer Jeans For Women

Treatment options and additions on jeans that distinguish designer wear include washes, abrasions, and hardware such as buckles, zips, and buttons that often have logo of the brand. Unlike cheaper jean varieties which are available anywhere in the range of $30 to $50 as of now, branded jeans cost almost $200 to $300 or even more. Only high quality materials are used to make such branded jeans. However, treatments such as abrasions, acid washes, and double washes to give the jean an extensively used look comes at the price of durability of these jeans.

Cool and Stylish Designer Jeans For Men

Different Designs for Different Purposes

Designer jeans are also available for various functions such as hunting, and mountaineering. These jeans

  • Serve a specific function
  • Last long;
  • Look different from traditional jeans

 Examples of such jeans include those made from fire retardant materials and the trendy camo pants. As the name suggests jeans made from fire retardant materials are for use in environments that can get really hot and may entail walking into or through fire. Camo variety of jeans help to camouflage the person in unfriendly surroundings such as forests or snow covered mountains. It is the shape and fitting of jeans designed by fashion designers that makes such clothing convenient for such functions, apart from meticulous stitching and eye to details essential for such activities.

Similarly, there is subtle difference in the designer jeans for men and designer jeans for women, mostly around waist and hips apart from the width. Quite often, such jeans for women are narrow like leggings. The number of pockets included in men’s jeans may be more. Such pockets may be highlighted by stitching the borders with lighter colored thread.

Find Cheap Faded Designer Jeans Online

Jeans are the most common casual wear clothing for both genders. When designed by fashion designers, these make the person wearing them look more stylish, apart from ensuring comfort. In the era prior to great recession, such functional clothing had suddenly caught fancy of people increasing their demand to unprecedented heights, and therefore, their costs as well. However, in contemporary world, there are many well established fashion houses as well as lesser known designers who offer their brands of jeans at far lower prices than what existed in the past. One of the reasons for this may be that people use jeans as casual wear, and therefore, are not willing to spend a fortune for such clothing.

Ripped Jeans – Are You Ready To Get One?

Jeans are a staple part of almost every individual’s wardrobe. Whether they are shorts, skirts, flared pants or skinny pants, you will find at least one pair of pants in every individual’s wardrobe. And with good reason, they are the easiest article of clothing to wear, don’t get dirty too fast, and can be worn numerous times without wearing out or getting destroyed. However, now even your older, more faded ripped jeans are still a viable wear and are in fact the hottest thing at present. Ripped jeans are the latest trend and acquiring a new pair can cost you anything from $25 to $129 depending on the brand and the gender.

Discover Ripped Jeans

What’s The Difference

Ripped jeans for men are generally more expensive, but they are also more durable and are made of tougher material. The price also varies depending on the design of the jeans with skinny and slim fit jeans being slightly more expensive. Ripped jeans for women come in a lot more designs and colors, but are usually made of a lighter material than their male counterparts. These jeans are very popular because they give the individual a rough feel and brings out the inner rock star in you. They can be paired with literally anything from a simple black tank top, to a large oversized t-shirt. On the right body, ripped skinny jean look astonishing.

Trendy Womens Ripped Jeans

Another kind of jeans that can be worn with a variety of tops is the Camo pants. Unlike the previous versions the new designs are slimmer and much sleeker, allowing you to wear them as a casual outfit or even when you are just going out with the girls. They are best worn with heeled booties, a plain or graphic t-shirt and a sharp blazer, but you can choose to pair them with a variety of other tops. Alternatively, you can pair your military looking pants with a pair of nice heels, a sweet feminine bow blouse, and a cute belt to add a bit of fun that will make you ready for date night.

DIY Ripped Jeans For Women

A DIY Project

When deciding on whether to buy or rip your own jeans, it is important to remember that making your own pair is an art that requires a lot of time and patience. DIY ripped jeans are easy to make at home with just a pair of scissors, sand paper, needle and thread.

  • The first thing to do is to choose a pair of pants that fits well, preferably a lighter color (especially for ladies), and one that you won’t mind too much if you mess up. If you are feeling too attached to all your current jeans, you can get a cheap pair from a goodwill store for a good price.
  • Mark the position of your knee on either side of the jeans, do this while you’re standing to avoid the jeans getting too saggy later.
  • Carefully cut a small hole through the jeans, taking care now to make it too large.
  • Rough up the hole and the surrounding area of the jean until the white threads begin to show.
  • Use a needle and thread to stitch up the inside of the hole to stop it from expanding too much. Once you are done, your ripped jeans are good to go.


Hottest and Sexy Ripped Jeans For Men

You can choose to bleach darker jeans on specific locations to ramp them up some more. Wear with a comfortable tank, t-shirt or top, and ballet shoes or a nice pair of heels.

Destroying your jeans is no surprise today. It a bold fashion statement that anyone can pull off. Strategic placement of the ripped out jeans are the key in making a great finish. If you don’t know, check out out several designs online.