How to Buy the Right Pair of Green Cargo Pants

Green cargo pants closely resemble khaki pants which were originally worn by the military and commonly also worn by most men. At the moment, these types of pants are also commonly referred to as camo pants. They are widely preferred by a lot of people because of their unique fashion features which make them a perfect fit for fashion enthusiasts living in the present time.

All About Green Cargo Pants

One of the best things about these pants is the fact that they are airy, comfortable and most importantly they have a variety of pockets – most of which are ideal for use during any outdoor activity such as hunting or paint ball. What’s more, there are also different types available, including the army green cargo pants which are by far one of the most common pair of green cargo pants.

Unfortunately, say you are shopping, and you are not very familiar with what actually constitutes a good pair of cargo pants, then finding a perfect fit for yourself might not be an easy task. This being the case, if you are interested in getting yourself a pair of cargo pants, here are a few things which you should take into consideration.

Sexy Womens Olive Green Cargo Pants

What you need to know

  • First off, make sure that you know the waist size. This you can be easily done by measuring yourself using a tape measure. It is very important to do so because it will help you pick out the most suitable size for your pants. When taking measurements, focus more around the waist area just below the ribs all the way down. When doing so, remember to provide an allowance so that the measuring tape is not very tight. In the event that you find yourself in the mall almost paying for a pair of cargo pants without proper details of your waist size then simply use the pants to figure out whether they will fit. Just hold them over your legs and use the length extension to decide on whether they will fit you or not.


  • Next, know your style and preferences before you head out to shop since there are a variety of options to choose from. The best thing to do in such a case is to picture yourself wearing any pair of green cargo pants that interests you.


  • Have a definite color choice and don’t just fall for any color. With respect to color preferences, pick one that will easily match with your other fashion accessories when you dress up. Examples of very easy to match colors include green, black and brown.  A clear depiction of the significance of color can be seen in the dark green cargo pants and olive green cargo pants.


Military Army Green Cargo Pants for Men

Quality first

Keeping in mind the current ongoing global financial crisis, it is strongly advised that you refrain from shopping for low quality cargo pants which will wear out after a short period of time. This is why you should seriously take into consideration the above mentioned tips since they will help you get hold of some of the highest quality cargo pants at very reasonable prices. Keep in mind that you do not have to spend for too much especially if you know where and how to start searching.

Shop for Trendy Ladies Dark Green Cargo Pants

As much as investing in high quality pants might seem a bit pricey, it is the definitely the most practical way to go since you will no longer have to worry of the burden of having to shop around for another pair of green cargo pants anytime soon. Remember that there are plenty of pants to choose from, hence you are guaranteed a chance to get hold of a pair of cargo pants that will surely match your taste and preferences. 

Endless Fashion Possibilities with Skinny Cargo Pants

Skinny cargo pants are now fashionable clothing pieces that you cannot just take for granted. The versatility and unique style greatly contribute in making these pants stand out whenever worn appropriately. These are paired with different types of tunics, shirts, T shirts and other kinds of tops for casual wear. Conventionally, such pants were grey, green, black, or khaki colored, unlike jeans, which are more often than not blue colored. However, the latest trend in cargo pants gives designers greater liberty to use different colors, prints, materials and hardware. This is the reason why colors such as mustard, white, and red are no longer a taboo in these pants, nor are stripes.

Get Skinny Cotton Cargo Pants

The popular camo pants rage amongst skinny cargo pants is also not confined to traditional colors. These may have a combination of red and black, which are highly unlikely colors for any traditional camouflaging trouser. Other color combinations and possibilities are actually endless if only a person is able to explore all the options. Stitching pattern and print design of such pants may be the reason for such categorization.

Different styles and designs

Such pants are worn above the hip. Patch or flap pockets that are characteristics of cargo pants are present even on these pants. These pants are slim from thigh upwards towards hip and above but slightly below waist. Options include low rise and mid rise. These pants are close fitting or skinny for the rest of the length, i.e., from below thigh to the ankle. However, even slightly narrower version of traditional cargo pants which are not as tight can be referred to as skinny cargo pants.

Cut Out Trend Spotting

These trousers mostly end above the ankle. Zips, buttons, belts, and buckles are often used to embellish these pants. Therefore, it is not unusual to find the silver colored zips or studs on these pants. Likewise, gunmetal buttons and studs are also popular for adorning these pants. That being said, anyone can guess how several options are available for anyone who wants to dress uniquely and differently from others.

In general skinny cargo pants for women are narrower when compared to skinny cargo pants for men. Men’s trousers tend to be more straight, throughout their length, be it thigh, hip, knee or below. They are only narrow in comparison to conventional cargo pants, or even other trousers. They may also be longer unlike the skinny cargo trousers that women wear. Women’s trousers may be a split on leg, closer to the ankle, and a zip may be provided for closing this split. Some of these trousers may have cotton belt facility to allow people to use such these pants as capris as well.

Military Skinny Cargo Pants For Men

Materials used to make skinny cargo trousers

Such tight fitting cargo trousers may be made from different materials such as:

  • Cotton and spandex
  • 100 percent cotton
  • Twill
  • Cotton blended with other materials

Traditionally, cargo skinny pants were used by armed forces personnel. They had several prominent external pockets located on different parts of the trouser’s leg to help the personnel carry various objects. These pants were also easy to wear, and they dry faster because of synthetic materials used to make them. These are some of the reasons why these pants were hugely popular back in the days.

A Brief Look on Skinny Cargo Pants For Women

Conventional cargo pants have been redesigned for fashion world. Such designs include skinny cargo pants. Advantage of these pants is that they look stylish with most of the tops, tunics and t-shirts. They also do not cost a fortune for a casual wear. Most of these pants can be bought for less than $70, with many in the range of $15 to $30 a piece.

Mens Camo Cargo Pants

Mens camo cargo pants are one part of mens fashion that has not died and it doesn’t really look like it’s going to die any time soon. These pants look so much like soldier attire and their uniqueness can mistake one for a soldier in the army. Whichever way, they are cool and can be very unique and cool if well worn. They come in handy with several options or rather styles and designs, all in one. All this means is that you can have a transformed look in a matter of seconds. They have straight lengths and legs fit. They basically stand out of all the rest in the market.

Find Big Mens Camo Cargo Pants Online

The Colors and Designs of Camo pants

Camo cargo pants for men come in different colors and design that only suit your taste and style. Basically, it’s all about what you want form the world of cargo pants. They include:

  • Black Camo pants
  • Stripped camo cargo pants
  • Spotted camo cargo pants
  • Blotchy camo cargo pants
  • Brown camo cargo pants
  • Grey camo cargo pants
  • Khaki camo cargo pants
  • Denim camo cargo pants

These designs are all available for whatever size there is for any man from small to large, to extra-large. The good thing about mens cargo camo pants is that they are comfortable and most of it unless the fake ones are cotton made and a little bit of canvas. The material makes them suitable for any kind of weather conditions and keeps you safe through it all.

Shop For Affordable Mens Cargo Camo Pants What are the striking and good features of camo cargo pants?

Being camouflage pants, they definitely camouflage you especially when out there on safaris in the jungle and want to keep off wildlife or any other impending danger. Similarly, they are convenient for soldiers in the war fields as they are well hidden from the enemies and are kept safe by these pants and attires.

The large pockets present are very comfortable and helpful when it comes to storing and carrying personal effects in them especially for big mens camo cargo pants. They are strikingly strong, durable and tough. On the other hand, they do not grow out of fashion, but rather, they keep coming in new and latest designs but still maintaining the original idea behind it all.


Get Authentic Cavalli Camouflage Cargo Pants

How do you get the camo cargo pants that are durable?

Getting the genuine camo pants can be quite tricky especially if you have no idea on what to be keen on when buying one. The material that dominates the piece of this cloth matters big time. Cotton and canvas top the list since they easily be cleaned and dry after a short while.
True mens camo cargo pants have lots of pockets with folds and flaps to carry as many items as a man would wish to carry

If you are thinking of getting away from the entire office outfit and need to go casual and free, look no further. It is all here at the mens camo cargo pants just for you. The materials used to manufacture these garments are of high quality hence ensuring the value for your money.


Its All About Mens Camo Cargo Pants

Mens cargo pants are one of the most durable pants available not only for men but for women as well. This type of pants is made up from sturdy material that can outlast daily wearing and washing. It can be a good investment from your part since having durable clothing will be worth your purchase and money. If you take care of your clothing, these long lasting short pants can last to the next generation and can be a form of hand down legacy to the third and fourth generations.

Khaki Cargo Pants – Wear Them Everyday

Khaki refers to both a type and color of pants. khaki cargo pants are made from a heavy and durable material and are known for having many pockets that allow the individuals to carry several items. They are considered to be a casual wear and are mainly worn outdoors by people looking to endure rough physical pursuits. These pants have more room around due to their bagginess. They are practical and flexible since one can travel and perform many tasks wearing this.

Italian Khaki Cargo Pants For Men

Designs To Choose From

Camo pants are fashionable, durable clothing suitable for people who love the outdoors. The popularity of these pants has continued to grow. They are available in a number of different color patterns, designs and prints which can suit a variety of interests. There are expansive lines of such pants which can suit various body sizes, shapes and environments. Some of the designs include:

  • Racing pants
  • Lounge pants
  • Zip off pants
  • Cargo pants

Cargo pants are a trendy camo design. These outfits have low cut flared legs and loose fitting for comfort. Women can accent their look by looping a long matching scarf around the neck and wearing ballet flats for a cozy feel. Since they do not stretch much, ensure that you have the correct hip and thigh measurements before you purchase one.

Popular and Trendy Khaki Cargo Pants For Men and Women

Men and Their Khaki Cargo Pants

Khaki cargo pants for men are worn in a variety of different styles and can suit various people. Due to their tough stitching and durability, they are perfect for anybody who works outdoors in jobs like landscaping, window cleaning, construction work and gardening and are often dressed down with trainers. Often paired with a casual t-shirt, these pants are ideal for people who want hardy outfits either for their leisure time or for their work. This makes them popular with climbers, avid hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. On the other hand, they can be worn with boots or shoes and paired up with a shirt to attain a funkier look. The numerous pockets make them expedient to wear in case you do not like carrying a bag.

Unique Design For Khaki Cargo Pants

Women’s Khaki Cargo Pants

Khaki cargo pants for women can be in a sexy yet casual style and are often teamed with funky trainers. However, for a sleeker look, you can wear these pants with high heels so as to make the legs appear longer and slender. The numerous pockets coupled with a belt provide women the chance to accessorize. This makes the pants an ideal wear for almost all occasions. Depending on what you pair them up with, it is easy to accessorize them. Vest tops for instance exude a ready for action vibe while a suit jacket or blouse makes the outfit appropriate for office wear.

There are many benefits of using cargo khaki pants. You need to get quality products which suit your needs and preferences. Khaki cargo pants are usually made of hard-wearing material, having numerous pockets, fabric prone to drying fast and large belt hoops. It is advisable that you research from many online sources and look for referrals from friends and family members in order to fully understand the potential of these unique fashion apparel and get the perfect one.

Shop For High Quality and Cute Cargo Khaki Pants

Cargo pants have evolved today and most people are dying to have one. The unique fashion look is effortless once you wear them for different casual occasions. Depending on the fabric that is being used, you can make a classic or modern look that is suited for the modern men and women of today. Check them out online or visit the nearest retail store in your area.

Cheap Cargo Pants – Things To Know About Them

During weekends, forget about the suits and put on some cheap cargo pants. They are awesome for the laid-back style. Whether you are out for outdoor activities, out with friends or even catching a movie with a date, these are the best solution. Cheap cargo pants can be available for all members of the family. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.  However, are you concerned of its quality because it is competitively priced? If you know what cargo pants are, then maybe you have the idea of why it is worth considering its cheaper alternatives.  For those who are just starting to discover the limits and coverage of these pants, then it is worth mentioning some of its features and advantages.

Get Cheap Skinny Cargo Pants

Cheap cargo pants for men are visibly longer and wider. They are also marked with the waist size, and leg length in units of inches. Cheap cargo pants for women are only marked with the waist size, and the length comes in four classes: – petite, short, long or regular. Women wear mostly low rising pants. Men however do not often wear low waists. A huge variety of color ranges is available. Normally those for women come in bright, patterned colors. Those for men tend to take typical male patterns and dark color paints.

Cool Cheap Cargo Pants

Advantages of Cargo Pants That Come Cheap

So you are hesitant of getting a pair of cargo pants and you thought trying out the cheap cargo pants are the smart choice. Consider these information and ask yourself if they are what you are looking for.

  • They are made of hard fabric making them relatively durable for tough activities.
  • They have extra pockets that can be quite useful.
  • With the variety color combinations, they blend well easily with other body wear.
  • They are available for all genders and sizes.
  • They retail at good prices to people.


Cheap Khaki Cargo Pants For Men

Types of Cargo Pants

There are different designers of cargos as there are different people who wear. Among the most basic ones are:

  • Denim cargo pants – heavy-duty pants those are very reliable and durable. They are definitely a favorite for most people.
  • Maternity cargo pants – they are baggy ideal for the expectant woman.
  • Khaki cargo pants – as the name suggests, they are khaki. These are suitable for a more professional environment.
  • Drawstring cargo – these are very comfortable. You can put them on easily. Medical workers prefer them.
  • Premium cotton cargo pants – they are extremely comfortable as they are made of cotton. Healthcare workers also prefer them.
  • Skinny cargo pants, as the name suggests are skinny or rather thin. They are made of a fabric that easily stretches. This is because they are tight. This enables them not to lose their shape easily when wearing them over the day.


Skinny Cheap Cargo Pants For Women

Camouflage pants, shortened as camo pants are rather made for some purpose. As the name suggests they easily blend in with the surroundings. This is achieved by the color and patterns they come with. Most of them are made for combat, and are preferred by people involved with combat professions or recreational activities. They are also made to reduce any lagging to the body, as this would slow a person down. Some are also designed and made for normal daywear.

As you can see all these cheap cargo pants, pack more advantages that disadvantages if any. They cater for all body sizes so it is not hard if you want to try out the cheap skinny cargo pants. Preferred colors paints or patterns are available on a wide range. They come in a good cost range for all people. Simply these clothes are a perfect, flattering piece of material that you cannot afford to miss.

Military Cargo Pants

Whether it’s for outdoor hunting or for a training exercise, military cargo pants are designed for performance and combat movement. You can choose between light-weight camo pants, black military cargo pants, military surplus cargo pants, military style cargo pants which are made with performance cotton and military science tactical design that are rugged and loaded with options not found on alternative pants.

Stylish Black Military Cargo Pants

A revolutionary approach to the combat uniform, the military cargo pants includes a lean, athletic cut with articulated knees and elbows for accumulated performance, mobility, and reduced bulk. It is made with no-melt, no-drip materials, the pants integrates life-saving design for optimum performance and flexibility. Comfortable and of smart quality, military cargo pants has straps within the legs that may be activated if required.

 Here are some of the features of the military cargo pants:

  • Padded, adjustable sash provides enlarged comfort and quality that can carry military belts and gear.
  • Gusseted crotch and bolstered size
  • Vertically mounted zipper pocket which permits for straightforward access while sitting
  • Extra-wide belt loops that can accommodate a rigger’s belt
  • Excellent ties on leg cuffs
  • Rough-textured knee patches for abrasion resistance
  • Integrated protective garment pockets
  • Cinch straps on back of knees may be accustomed to stabilize slip-in pads
  • Outwardly mounted guide loops for proper stabilization.

Sexy Military Style Cargo Pants For Women

Advantages of Wearing Cargo Pants

The invention of the varieties of military cargo pants in the past is attributed to the military men who came up with the simplest way to develop uniforms that may ease the quality and value of the troopers concealing themselves within the forest territories.

  • Eventually, they created such pants that had a camouflage color and helped to disguise men within the deep forest and jungles.
  • However, that wasn’t the sole advantage of such military pants.
  • Another nice advantage of these clothes was that they have large and effective pockets at the each side of the pants. These pockets are extraordinarily comfy and helpful.
  • The lads reaching for the special missions or concealing themselves in new areas may place food, drinks, varied tools and weapons there.

Trendy Military Cargo Pants For Men

The style of the pants is also very sensible, helpful and valuable. Little time has passed and these merchandise pants are introduced within the totally different areas of human activities. This clothing line became extremely popular with the varied professions of men and women. The technicians, the plumbers and also the hunters have instantly liked these pants as part of their uniforms.

Military men and women have benefitted so much with these types of pants as they have multi functions in combat situations. These can be convenient in bringing things with them during military operations aside from its original purpose of camouflage to keep the enemy at bay.  If you love the outdoors, it would be a good investment to get a pair or two of these pants for a more comfortable outdoor exploration and nature experience.

Guess Military Cargo Pants For Women

The overalls of the pants were typically created to have a unique military style. It had been straightforward to keep all large and necessary tools within the multiple pockets of the pants. Plus, the sensible colors of these pants are perfect for different locations like the desert, an urban cityscape or lush forests. Currently these pants are extremely popular with people of different backgrounds. It exudes a sense of masculinity as part of the individual’s sense of style. It is surprising to know that some women also like wearing these type clothing. The pants also serve as an emblem of tactical bravery and utility. These pants have also mastered the fashion runway for more innovative designs that ordinary persons and fashion enthusiasts would love to have in their clothing ensemble.

The Different Ways of Wearing Cargo Pants for Women

Various reasons are behind the return of cargo pants for women into the current fashion industry as trendy clothing items for women. These pants are useful-hello pockets, comfortable and more importantly, extremely versatile. They are once again among the top trends when it comes to the pants for women for fall because of all the aforementioned appealing factors.

Green Skinny Cargo Pants For Women

Sure, most people think it is best to save skinny cargo pants for women for running errands during the weekend. However, women can dress different styles and cuts down or up by using other trendy clothing for women just like they would do with other kinds of pants for women such as camo cargo pants for women. The following are some ideas on the different ways of wearing these pants.

Casual Look 1 – Comfortable and Cute

If you want a casual look you can achieve it for your cargo pants for women by using any cut style of pants for women. You should choose a nice pair before matching it up by using other trendy but laid-back clothing items for women such as ballet flats and a striped sweater. You should try to get a cozy feel by looping a scarf around the neck several times.

Shop For Outdoor Cargo Pants For Women

Casual Look 2 – Trendy Tomboy

This one requires you to choose a pair of army cargo pants for women that are cut like regular pants for women, preferably by using a slim cut. You need to achieve a tomboyish look and not a sloppy one. You should top your pants for women with other trendy clothing items for women that are meant for emulating menswear but again are meant to fit women. You should opt for a plaid shirt such as a beanie cap with canvas sneakers or oxford shoes. You should try to achieve a more feminine touch by adding two pieces of jewelry.

Slim Army Cargo Pants For Women

Dressy Look 1 – Pretty Professional

You are lucky if the place where you work has a dress code that allows trendy clothing for women. Although you should opt for cargo pants for women that are cut like regular pants for women, this type of pants work here. You should dress them up the way you would other pants for women with trendy clothing items for women such as a crisp button-down shirt or pretty blouse and high heels. You should avoid a boxy jacket and instead add a slim cardigan in order to keep all your things form-fitting.

Dressy Look 2 – Sequined Siren

Achieving a clubby look with pants for women also requires cargos that are cut like regular pants for women. Just like camo pants, a regular – length version is effective here. You should pair these pants up with trendy clothing for women that you would usually wear with cute pants for women such as a tank top or a skirt. You should pair everything with dangly earrings, a small purse such as a clutch and high heels. The accessories will turn your comfortable look to cool.

Sexy Camo Cargo Pants For Women

You should try an affordable pair of pants for women if you want to have the trend of cargo pants for women. Keep it simple first and once you get comfortable with the look and decides to include them in your regular wardrobe arsenal, then you can add more flare and daring designs that can provide you with a unique look that will be the envy of many. Unlike men, women have the luxury of trying out the male counterpart’s option for clothing. Take advantage of this privilege and make a style that you can call your own for any situation that you can think of.

Reasons that Make Army Fatigue Cargo Pants An Ultimate Fashion Trend

Many people overwhelmingly believe that army fatigue cargo pants were specially designed exclusively for men who are known to include rugged and tough outdoor activities in their daily tasks. You might have probably guessed that this is not true because the fashion houses around the world, that have the authority, have made both army fatigue cargo pants for men and army fatigue cargo pants for women must-have items for any given situation or occasion.

Sexy Army Fatigue Cargo Pants for Women

Distinct Features That Made Them Popular

Nevertheless, before revealing the inside scoop on the things that are responsible for the high demand for these slacks, it is important to know more about their origin. According to various sources, army fatigue cargo pants were introduced in the 1990’s in a market that is always thirsty for something new and their rise to popularity has been steady ever since. The following are some details that are responsible for making them distinct.

  • Durable, tough and long – great for people working in the farm
  • Urban-military style – great for recreational purposes
  • Baggy or airy – you can use it as your regular casual look
  • Narrow design at the ankles – a unique fashion twist
  • Large pockets around the hips that are attached to the thigh area and side of the legs – carry as much as you can
  • Wide at the hip area – lets you to have the freedom of movement and your middle part doesn’t get choked when you sit down.


Hottest Army Fatigue Cargo Pants For Men

No Restrictions in the Name Of Fashion

Most men considered army fatigue cargo pants a must-have in their wardrobes ever since their introduction into the market because their design and fabric were very useful for those who spent most of their days engaging in hard manual labor or did fieldwork. The “father” of the movement of these pants is Rescue Sportswear. Nowadays, women’s cargo pants from Union Bay, Wrangler cargo pants and men’s cargo pants from Bugle Boy are available for you to choose from. Surprisingly enough, anything is available ranging from army fatigue cargo pants for girls that are made by using khaki material that models showcase on runways in all parts of the world to black cargo pants. This exposure has made consumer demand to increase significantly especially among the younger generation.

Popular Army Fatigue Cargo Pants For Men and Women

The Benefits of Army Fatigue Cargo Pants

The following are a few specifics on the benefits that you can expect to get when you shop for these fashion items. For starters, tall, big and denim pants provide a sense of adventure for adding to the unique style that cargo apparel has and hence, this is their allure. In addition, their biggest attraction is comfort. Cargo pants have not only been redesigned and restructured to suit every kind of business and social situation but they are also part of the work uniform that most fathers wear. These pants, which are sophisticated and stylish, are very practical because their design is unique. In effect, they are irresistible to all people regardless of their age.

Get Cheap Army Fatigue Cargo Pants For Girls

Moreover, owing to the skyrocketing demand, designers have found it necessary to create various styles and colors in order to enable you to wear them depending on your choice. Therefore, this means that you can get black camo pants before you go hiking or opt for casual trousers for men that you can wear when going to the office. You can easily transition these pants to eveningwear from daywear. You should pair them by using sneakers or dress shoes. The different textures and colors will help in giving you the break that you need from the pair of jeans that you usually wear.

Go with the Trend, Get Black Cargo Pants

There has been a significant rise in the popularity of black cargo pants. For a while, it was thought that the cargo pants were designed only for men who engaged in tough, rugged and outdoor activities. This has been proved not to be true at all. In the last few years, the cargo pants have been turned into hot, must-have items by powerful fashion houses. The pants are designed for both genders and are suitable for all occasions and seasons. The cargo pants were introduced in the 1990’s and since then there popularity has been on a rise all through.

Mens Black  Ralph Lauren Cargo Pants

What are the Stand out Features of the Cargo Pants?

The increased popularity of the pants has been as a result of some details they possess that makes them rise above the others. Some of these characteristics include;

  • Large pockets at the hip or attached to the side of the leg and thigh area
  • Long, tough, and durable
  • Airy and baggy
  • Narrow at the ankles
  • Urban-military style
  • Wide around the hips


Borton Boys Black Cargo Pants

The Cargo Pants for Men

The mens black cargo pants are brilliantly designed. The pants bring so much comfort to the wearers. This is as a result of the plenty of room it has for the legs. The pants improves mobility and are popular especially for men that do not like skinny jeans. Men generally walk in longer strides, therefore, the loose pants such as the black cargo pants provide the needed comfort while walking.

The pants are the same as khakis or long pants. Since they are not too tight for the legs, they provide enough room for air circulation beneath the pants. The pants are made of light materials. Most of the boys black cargo pants are made of cotton that comes in handy especially during summer and spring. Not only do they offer comfort but they also makes the wearer feel cool during hot days as they provide proper air circulation.

All About Black Cargo Pants

Black Cargo Pants for Women

The cargo pants are not restricted to men alone. Today, women wear the cargo pants to both formal events and informal ones. The pants are so comfortable and when they are worn, there is no uneasiness that is felt. They are worn when visiting friends or even to the office. It is worth mentioning the women’s advantage over men when it comes to fashion versatility. They can virtually get away with wearing a man’s outfit and still look good, where the opposite would only put yourself into a very awkward situation. These black pants are especially worn by women who wants to hide those legs and highlighting the focus on the women’s tops.

Cool Womens Black Cargo Pants

The womens black cargo pants are just as popular as the men version. The pants are doing extremely well in the market because of the many benefits that come with them. One of their biggest benefits is that they are big enough to house the legs. Movement is not hindered at all because of the available room. This has attracted a number of youths.

The black cargo pants provide comfort, style and organization. The biggest attraction is the comfort they bring. The trendy camo pants have a distinct style. They are no longer part of father’s work uniform. They are structured and designed in a way to make them ideal for all kinds of business and social situations. Their unique style is highly sophisticated and stylish making the pants hard to resist. You can do with your business without having to worry the tidiness of your outfit because they are conveniently covered by the color black.

How to Wear Army Cargo Pants

The army cargo pants are a versatile clothing option that comes in different color, silhouette and pattern. According to the current fashion wave the slim silhouettes and dark shades are mostly common rather than the old baggy style. It depends how you want to pair them for a classy look or a casual one. Team them up with stylish accessories for a different look every time you wear them.

Find Cheap Army Cargo Pants

The edgy glamour looks

The fitted silhouette and the slim cut of the army cargo pants for women make them a good alternative of casual pants and jeans. For a night out with friends, you can team them up with black halter necks and a chick neck piece. Tank tops with eye catching sequins, prints and graphics go very well with cargos. Add a bandeau beneath it if you prefer additional coverage. Include layered or chunk neck pieces and a big statement ring. Steal the look with a dab of lip gloss and the perfect night look is ready.

The casual all day look

The baggy cargos are never outdated. Wear them with a t shirt that is half tucked in and add leather belts beneath the loop of the cargo pants. Keep the look stylish yet simple. Wearing a cardigan over the top is another option.

Black Army Cargo Pants For Men

The chick look

The popular camo pants with separates give a more collegiate look. Wear olive green or camel colored cargo pants with white graphic t shirts and the college look is ready. Team it up with a small ear stud and a bracelet. A thin leather belt can even be added along with a cardigan or sweatshirt. An oversized watch is an ensemble that gives in a more stylish and girl like look.

Weekend look

In case of a sporty ensemble, wear printed cargo pants with hooded sweatshirts or pull over. Women add a little more detailing like floral print or lace on the tops. Complete the look with a statement neck piece, a wrist watch and wedge heels.

Army cargo pants for men are mostly available in cotton that gives all the comfort. They are slim fitted with straight cut. The cargo pockets on the legs allow you to keep your necessary items safely. There are even flap buttoned pocket at the back of the pant for extra carrying.

Quality Army Fatigue Cargo Pants

Reasons for popularity of cargo pants

The army cargo pants with its wide pockets, narrow fit, baggy and urban style has dominated fashion since ages. There are numerous reasons for their popularity.

They are very comfortable to wear and are extremely lightweight that helps in moving around. This also does not look sloppy at all. Army fatigue cargo pants are the first choice of men. Although they are available for both the genders, men prefer it more over women. Among the various colors, the gray and olive shades are most popular.

Another reason why these are a must have is that they are very affordable. Made from the most comfortable fabric these pants are even easy on the pockets.

All About Army Cargo Pants For Women

Army cargo pants have created such a statement that has always remained in fashion. Unlike other styles, it has never made an exit from the fashion scenario and so can be worn with various outfits for various looks. You can easily observe these types of pants worn in everyday street wear for hip hop and punk clothing statement. Skaters are also the primary fashion enthusiast for these kinds of pants as well as nature lovers and outdoor hunting enthusiasts love to wear these very convenient and sturdy pants. If you love the great outdoors and the adventurous spirit is your personality then these pants are definitely a must have in your closet.