A Quick Read on Camo Pants – From Past to Present

Fashion statements these days show no boundaries.  You can either go with what’s hot or make something hot of what’s not. If you want to relive a cool kind of vintage, camo pants won’t bring you down.

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A Short History About Camouflage Pants

One thing about pushing through a war is that there might be no place for you to hide. So the only real thing for you to do is prepare yourself to blend with what elements of nature surround you – and that is how the camouflaging idea came into life.

Camouflage clothing was firstly developed by the French in 1915 with the intention to raise the winning odds in every combat. Military camouflage has since then became an integral part of military deception art. While it had been a tool for deceiving enemies to vulnerable positions, camouflage clothes are now popular in the fashion industry.

The Ultimate Pants for All Seasons

If there’s one word to describe camouflage pants, that would be flexible. Most people love to don these pants when trekking the jungles of the earth, but in actuality, these can simply be worn in almost any kind of condition. Whether you’re going on a camping trip, fishing by the lake, hunting for fun or for survival, strolling around the mall with your girlfriend or good pals, or just for the heck of it, camouflage pants will never be an oddity in the picture. As its main purpose suggests, it blends well in any indoor or outdoor background.

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Camouflage Cargo Pants for Outdoor Hikes

Knowing that camo pants have initially been meant for the military simply denotes the fact that they are clothing items made for harsh environments. There is no magic behind the toughness of these pants. It’s all in the science of how they are made and what materials they are made of. Unlike normal trousers, these pants have a more solid build with the incorporation of cotton and synthetic blends. For that reason, these pants can handle a cargo design, carrying more weight with more robust pockets on the left and right cut. Even the rear part tends to have the pockets tailored from the outside rather than an inner one. These pockets allow more convenience with the higher amount of items they can carry and the fact that the insides won’t feel irritable since the pockets are from the outside gives extra comfort. As the saying goes, every soldier must be prepared, in which case extra pockets would be useful.

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The Many Colors and Designs of Today’s Camouflage Pants

Colors can create quite an impact. Just imagine how the same design of shoes can set out different impressions through the different colors they bear. The same thing goes to these camouflage clothing goodies. Choosing a color for these amazing pants can get so exciting, especially if you’re the type who loves to do some experimentation to see what matches with your shirt, sleeves, shoes and other clothing items. While you can go with the usual nature themed, green camouflage pants, a new line of colors have been available for your fashion satiety. Here are a couple wonderful options that you might like to try:

  • Blotchy Camouflage Pants

Getting the ruggedly sleek look is always possible with a blotchy camouflage pair. The mild discoloration that either stretches from the belt line to the bottom lining, or just around the knee cap can bring out an antique look, which goes perfectly with a straight or even a skinny cut.

  • Striped Camouflage Pants

Adding some illusion to your height can be done through a striped shirt. The same thing happens with striped camouflage pants. Paired with some good old Chucks or a with a camouflage design, you’re totally going to pull it off, especially when out in the open for a nice jaunting experience by the sunny summer beaches.

  • Barred and Spotted Camouflage Pants

You can actually go for both designs in one pair or a single design for a single pair. The decision is of course up to you. Bars and spots work well together in a single pair as they define well the synthetic material put up through the circular and four dimensioned shapes they swell.

  • Black Camo Pants

These camouflage goodies have become more popular these days for both the male and female populace. While camo pants for boys come in the omnipresent cuts like straight, slim-straight, skinny and carrot, women’s black camos are now also available in leggings. With that said, women can jog in the morning, attend yoga classes and other healthy physical exercises donned with pants that will really make them stand out from the crowd. And according to psychological studies, the color of the things you wear usually predetermines how people will sum up their impressions. In which case, black is a color of exclusivity, allowing the person to naturally gain more respect. The more reason that happens when the design of your pants is that of a soldier’s.

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How to Find the Right Camo Pants

First of all, what is your definition of the right camouflage pants? For some people, it’s the cheap camo pants and for others, it’s the quality that matters most. Screw the price. Amazing enough, you can actually get something cheap and with a high level of quality. On that note, here aretwo important things that you need to contemplate on:

  • Know what purpose you’re buying a pair of camo for. Are you going to go hunting? ‘Cause for sure, its design can add up to the stealth factor within the forest. Or could it be that you just love to add them up to your line of clothing for the reason that you are a trend-follower.  Either way, meeting the purpose should allow your choice to live up to your satisfaction.
  • Determine the materials processed. There are many reasons for this. First of all, you may not feel comfortable if the cloth the pants are made of do not really match your skin type. Secondly, for a hunting trip, the cloth may induce more odor when sweat is accumulated, making sensitively-nosed animals to smell your trails of body sweat in the air. Another reason would be the fact that the materials will determine the longevity of the pants.
  • Now here’s a rule of thumb: try to lengthen your options. That means you should not always put your bet on the first option you see. When something new comes out, the preceding items usually lower in price. So when the pants are tagged newly released, go check out for previous designs that might strongly resonate with your preferences, designs that are capable of hooking an eye out from you at first sight. So the result: you get the best choice for you without having to break the bank.



Camo Pants in a Nutshell

These types of pants really make an exciting way to dress up on any day. Whatever you’re in the mood for, whether your spirit tells you to go out and enjoy the season alone or with the company of good people, camouflage pants will always be fitting for an outdoor wear.